Monday, June 28, 2010

Re-furbished Dining Room

My college dining room table and chairs could only last for so long. When the time came for an upgrade, the budget wasn't quite ready. So we had the challenge to re-furnish our eating space with very limited funds. I had already been watching Craigslist for months, so I knew what to expect as far as prices went and was ready to jump when an amazing deal came along. We found five chairs for $20. The seats were originally a woven jute, but 3 of the 5 chairs were badly damaged (not to mention, they were all ugly). The chairs also had four inch spindles on the top of them. There were 3 side chairs and 2 captains chairs. We cut the spindles off the top, as well as the arms of the captains chairs so they'd all be matching. Nolan added a little bit of black paint to where he cut the pieces off, and touched up a few spots. Then he had the horrible task of cutting off all the jute. When he finally finished that, he cut seats out of MDF for me. I used old, detached seat cushions as stuffing, and covered the seats with cute fabric the coordinated with my curtains. And easy way to make some cheap chairs look great!

Our table has a bit of a story too... This table was bought by my aunt in Texas over 30 years ago. She then gave it to my mom, who used it as a buffet (it has drop leafs on each side). When my family moved from California to Oregon 22 years ago, the movers lost one of the legs. My dad took one of the remaining 3 to a coworker who said he could make a matching one. The coworker ended up leaving, never making a new leg or returning the old one. When my parents moved to Maryland 4 years ago, the table and two legs moved with them. Then, 3 years ago, my brother moved from Virginia back to Oregon and they gave him the table (and two legs) to bring back with him. We offered to take it off his hands (after all, who needs a table with only 2 legs?), and were thrilled when we found pre-made legs at Home Depot for only $11 each! A few coats of paint, and this table was usable again for the first time in almost 20 years! We love it and especially loved when we found chairs to pair with it.



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