Friday, July 30, 2010

Diaper Bag & Changing Pad

A friend of mine had a baby in May and I'm finally going to meet her little Maddy on Monday! I've had the fabric and the plans to make her a diaper bag since missing her shower in April, and even got a changing pad made back in March. Yay for finally having the motivation to finish a project! I originally planned on making another messenger bag, but then really wanted to try my hand at a pleated bag again. I found a simple bag that I LOVE on Etsy, analyzed all the pictures for a while, and then actually drew and wrote out plans for making it! Such a new thing for me to think things through ahead of time ;) I'm really happy with how it turned out, but know how I'd do it differently next time (when I told my husband this he said, "Don't you always?"). Next time I'll make it a few inches shorter and an inch or two wider, but I still love the way this one turned out. It looks really cute over the shoulder, but I have yet to comb my hair or put on makeup today, so no self portraits!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Yum

Today I made baby food! I've known since before I was pregnant with Jace that I would make my own baby food. While yes, there are health benefits to it, I'm really doing it for the money, or really I should say, I'm doing it for less money. Last week I used frozen green beans that were already in my freezer to make 52 servings, and this week I actually shopped ahead of time for it. I bought pears, sweet potatoes and banana for $12.61. (I shop at Safeway because it's the best option in my town. If I lived near a Winco or Walmart, it could have been cheaper.) I made at least 182 servings of food for Jace. 4 of those servings are the equivalent of 1 $0.97 package of Gerber baby food at Target. That means I had a total savings of (at least) $31.04! I may have bigger savings, but I haven't finished freezing all the sweet potatoes (which I made way, way more than intended). Yay for savings and yay for new foods for Jace!

Everything else is still freezing, but 16 cubes of sweet potatoes barely touched how much I have! I think I'll make a little less next time...

And then I needed to make something for us to eat. One of my favorite quick meals is what Nolan and I call Mexican Lasagna. I brown ground beef, add a can of chili beans (in their sauce), and a cup of salsa and let simmer for a few minutes. Then I layer a corn tortilla (but have also used crushed tortilla chips), the meat mixture, some grated cheese, another tortilla, and so on until I've used all my meat mixture up. This time I also added olives, other times I've added corn or whatever else sounded good. Then I stick it in the oven until the cheese is melted. Quick, easy and tasty!

And after all that, I wanted a yummy snack. My easy, go-to is Muddy Buddies. I typically use Cheerios (because that's what we always have on hand), but today I bought some Crispix cereal. I just melt some chocolate chips and butter scotch chips, stir it into the cereal and then shake in powdered sugar. I can't eat peanut butter, so the butterscotch chips add the element that I miss with the peanut butter.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Little Yankee Doodle

Here's Jace modeling his romper... it fits more like a onesie but is still super cute (my mom thinks it has a hint of Fred Flinstone to the tie). He was quite pleased to show off Mommy's handiwork.