Sunday, August 29, 2010

Diaper Bag for Kristine

My friend Kristine is having a baby *hopefully* very soon. I told her to look on Etsy for bags she liked, send me the links, and I’d make a diaper bag like one (or all) of them for her. She liked the look of pleats, and requested an adjustable strap. I had so much fun picking out the fabric. While her baby is most likely a girl, Kristine isn’t a pink and frilly kind of lady, so I thought this fabric combo would be perfect for her. I used a home decor fabric for the outside (the blue fabric) for some sturdiness, and the floral is just a quilter’s cotton. I used interfacing to add some sturdiness, and thought this was my best fabric combo yet for the right balance for ease of sewing yet strength for use.
Joann’s doesn’t carry strap adjusters in stores, so I used two D-rings put together to make the strap adjuster and like the look of it much better than the plastic option that Joann online carries. I also liked adding a touch of pink for the button hook. If you look closely at the top right picture, you’ll see that I had fun with the embroidery option on my machine.
I’d say this was my most successful pattern-free bag yet (although I do have notes for how to make it better next time). I’m happy with it, and Kristine was too!

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  1. this diaper bag is fabulous! i'm definitely a fan of pleats and the button is too cute! I'm visiting from new friend friday @ the girl creative! :)

  2. That's a cute design, I love pleats in everything!


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