Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ruffled Set for Khloe

My friend who watches Jace 2 mornings a week for me has a beautiful daughter named Khloe. Khloe turns one tomorrow (how fun that this is the only time in Jace and Khloe’s lives that Jace will be half her age). This little girl is super cute and has a lot of spunk. Up until a month or so ago, her hair stuck up in crazy places and swooped amazingly in others. It made me think she looked like a diva. So after exploring Etsy and other websites, I fell in love with little rompers like this, and these, and these. And since our bank account hasn’t magically grown in the last few days, I challenged myself with making a fun gift for Khloe for free (like what I did for Hannah’s gift last week). Out came two more shirts that no longer fit right (I bought them for a mission trip to Nicaragua 5 years ago and haven’t worn them since). The fabric is so soft! I also had some fun mesh/tulle (is that the right spelling for it???) left from when I made a net to cover Jace’s bassinet (which failed at keeping our cats out since they just laid down on top of it). And after a lot of giggles, I finished my favorite project yet! (Nolan said I need to start categorizing these favorites since I say that about each thing I make these days… but this one most definitely is my favorite and it was most definitely the most fun to make.)
I discovered while making my dress that while I enjoy sewing with a pattern, I love just making things up as I go. Projects with patterns have helped me know better what to do when I am just creating, but they definitely do restrict the randomness (which also means they turn out better the first time too… funny how that works).
I started with these rompers and LOVED them…2010-08-25 016
Khloe is wearing size 18 months, so I took one of Jace’s onesies in that size (the same one I used for Hannah’s shirt) and just used it as a pattern for roughly the size of the rompers. When doing the elastic in the legs and waist, I just did it so they would fit a little tighter than the onesie. The romper was just too much fun to make. And I loved them so much, I knew Khloe would need a little something fun to go on top.
2010-08-25 006
A cute little ruffle dress/shirt/tunic top that would show off the rompers. And so it wouldn’t just be a lot of yellow, I added a flower (a wound one sewed on top of a ruffle one, don’t you love my technical terms?) and put a tulle “leaf” behind it. And what you don’t know is that this flower is covering a little mistake where two little spots got sewn together that weren’t supposed to, and I noticed when it was too late and didn’t want to use my seam ripper.
2010-08-25 008
Here’s the back. I wanted to make sure that the back of the bloomers could be seen, so I slightly arched the back hem.
2010-08-25 011
When choosing the button, I thought it would be fun to add a little color and used a red button. I like the way it looks.
2010-08-25 012
All in all, I’m super happy with how it turned out. There are plenty of imperfections, but that’s the beauty of ruffles! I can’t wait to give it to Khloe in the morning. Yay for another simple, fun project using only materials and supplies that were already in my house!


  1. So so so cute Jill! I love your creativity! Wish I had it in me! I really would love to learn to sew...maybe when all the kids arae in school I will have time...:) Way to go!

  2. So adorable, the soft yellow with the tulle is perfect and the little red button adds a great touch. You are one talented girl!

  3. I LOVE recycled fashion! Way to go! Very cute. I especially love the tulle ruffle!

  4. That is so cute!

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  5. Thanks for all the sweet comments ladies! Khloe's mom loved the red button too--she said it reminded her of a little ladybug on the dress. Khloe will be wearing it to church on Sunday and I can't wait to see her!

  6. Oh how cute! Now if only I had a girl! :)

  7. Wow! So cute! I love it, wish I had a girl to sew one for... Saw you on Check me out Sat. Great site!

  8. I absolutely LOVE this set....and will be stealing the ideas for making something for my own little rug runner. Thank you!! :)


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