Monday, September 6, 2010

I was Featured!

I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how exciting this is for me! The headband and ruffle shirt I made for Hannah (and the fact that I had Jace model the shirt) have been featured on Little Miss Momma! Ashley had a super fun headband week, and I joined the link up part.

Why is this oh, so exciting for me? Because I am a blog-stalker-extraordinaire! I have been watching and watching and bookmarking and bookmarking for who knows how long. I click on so many of the features from the weekly parties on countless blogs and always admire the ladies and what they come up with.

And then, not that long ago, these link up parties inspired me to renew my love of all things crafty and start a blog about what I make so I don’t over-crowd our family blog with ruffles (gotta keep my brothers actually wanting to read about our family happenings). And then, I started linking up too because those parties are so much fun… and now, I’m being featured! This is seriously so exciting for me (as if you couldn’t already tell).

Ah, what a perfect way to end a long weekend… That’s all.


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