Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kitchen Art Tutorial

We’ve lived in our house for a little over 4 years now, but I’ve never been satisfied with how I’ve decorated the space above my cabinets. A few years ago I got the idea that it would be fun to somehow use antique and vintage cookbooks in the decor, so my mother-in-law started looking for the as she visited thrift stores and garage sales. She gradually built up a good collection for me, but I just couldn’t figure out how to take the picture in my mind and make it happen in my kitchen (that is, without spending a lot of money). I’ve been so inspired by all the beautiful homes I get to take a peek into (thanks to blogs), that I finally decided it was about time I did something. I figured it would be neat to make some plaques/signs, but didn’t want to buy the supplies in case I didn’t like the results. So instead, I made signs from cardboard to see if, in the long run, I’d like them.

Here’s one of the final products:

2010-09-14 002

And now for how I made it:

I cut a little more from the box I used to make my fall wreath. I cut one large piece, and one smaller piece.

2010-09-10 001

Then I took one of the cookbooks my mother-in-law found that just wasn’t quite old enough (1974) and tore some pages from it. It’s a Whitehouse cookbook, so there were a lot of old recipes and presidential food facts in it. (I thought recipes as a background would be fitting since cookbooks are my theme.)

2010-09-10 003

Then I Mod Podged the recipes onto the cardboard in different directions.

2010-09-10 004

My kitchen walls are white (thanks to not knowing what I wanted to do with the space when we moved in and pure laziness since then), so I needed the boards to have a little color to them to stand out off the walls. I added a little brown paint to the Mod Podge, which ended up giving it a cool antique look (kind of like old newspaper).

2010-09-10 005

I googled “kitchen quotes” and found one phrase that I liked, and chose to just put “Eat” on the second sign. First I sketched out the look I wanted on a piece of paper, and then when I went to trace it onto the boards, I didn’t like the way I was spacing things, so in the end I just free handed it. I’m always so much happier with my work when I just go for it rather than try to think too much :). After painting the words on, I hot glued red ribbon around the edges to give it a more finished look. In the end, I’m quite pleased with the outcome!

2010-09-14 001

Maybe one of these days I’ll actually paint my kitchen, buy some boards and make permanent signs! (This sign is being held up with masking tape. I tried using the 3M tabs that are amazing… but either ours are too old, or the cardboard bends a little too much, or our paint is weak, but they just couldn’t stick. Yay for good ol’ masking tape!)

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  1. I LOVE book page projects! Your signs look vintage and custom and cool and now you know what to do if you decide to make "real" ones.

  2. So Cute! I never thought to add paint to the mod podge. Great idea. Thanks for linking up to What the Cr@ft!?!

  3. Very cute- Thanks for auditioning for American Crafter!


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