Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stair Step Basket

If I let it, the bottom of my staircase would like to look like this at all times:

2010-10-21 001

It’s such a slob. I’m always having to pick up after it. I would love to have clean staircase, but my stairs just don’t seem to understand.
(Really, the mess is never my fault. I never just throw things on it while cleaning. I never feel to lazy to carry things upstairs while I’m cleaning. And I never just ignore the pile, figuring I’ll pick things up next time I go upstairs.)

I’ve seen baskets like this one, or this one, but spending $40-70 to help deal with my—I mean the staircase’s—problem just didn’t seem reasonable. There are so many better things to spend my money on. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make this:

2010-10-23 002

First I measured the depth and height of each step I wanted the basket to fit on (guess what! They each were a slightly different height and depth. No wonder I trip on my stairs all the time). The I used the box Jace’s big boy car seat came in:

2010-10-21 002

I cut open the box and cut out 2 step shaped pieces for the sides, and then smaller pieces to put between those two pieces.

2010-10-21 003

Because of the way I cut the cardboard (in other words, I did it without thinking through it too much), I used Mod Podge to adhere scrapbook paper to the sides with graphics on them that would be visible inside the box. Then I taped it all together, and applied cloth using Mod Podge to the outside.

2010-10-23 006

I did mis-tape, or forgot to put scrapbook paper on it, or something (or it was late, and I just wanted to finish it and didn’t care to fix it) on two of the pieces. But I figured the likelihood of the box ever being empty was low enough that I just didn’t need to worry about it.

And here you have it, the final product, all full!

2010-10-23 001

Walking down the stairs doesn’t seem so scary anymore!

2010-10-23 005

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  1. Wow! looks great! Much safer...that's for sure!

  2. Pure genius!!! That's exactly what my stairs would look like too =o)

  3. That is a great idea, I really need to make one of these for my house.

  4. Great idea....I think I might make one with a top...that will ensure nothing ever makes it up the stairs.

  5. Awesome idea. And my stairs never look like that... (hehehe, I totally feel for you on that!)

  6. What a great idea! My parents need one of those...

  7. Great idea! I need something like this- adding handles might make it easy to grab and take upstairs to unload.

  8. Your so smart! Way to take out the stairs and not let them trip you anymore! :) GREAT idea...if I had stairs I would use this idea...but I don't, so I won't! :)


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