Friday, November 5, 2010

Dressing Up the Staircase

I have several projects in the works right now, but none to the point of blogging. I did make another ruffle bag—my best one yet—to be given as a gift at my church’s women’s retreat next weekend, but of course forgot to take pictures before turning it in to be wrapped. Guess I’ll have to make another one! I’ve also made a bunch of rosette clips, but need to remember to take pictures when I have natural lighting. Oh, and Jace’s Halloween costumes took some work.

But I have completed one household project over the past few weeks. One that I had the intention of finishing months ago. I love the posts I’ve seen lately of how people have hung a variety of frames and pictures in their staircases. I knew mine needed some dressing up.

2010-10-25 001

I always hoped to paint, so I used that as an excuse for a while. Then I pulled out a bunch of frames that were unused and arranged and rearranged them on the floor of my living room. Then I’d stack them and put them out of Jace’s reach on the loveseat. Then someone would come over and need a place to sit, so I’d move them to the floor… I’m sure you can picture the cycle we’ve been in.

I finally realized that if I wait until I print the pictures to put in the frames, and if I wait until I paint my staircase, I’ll never see the frames leave my living room. So I went ahead and hung empty frames. First I laid them out one more time in my entry way.

2010-10-25 003

Then I hung them in the staircase.

2010-10-25 005

Then I looked at them straight on instead of from the stairs and realized they were all angled. No wonder the ones hanging on a ribbon were hard to get “straight.” So I adjusted them, and was happy with how it turned out! Now, every time I walk up and down the stairs, I’m motivated to get pictures printed. I’ve already filled one of the empty frames!

2010-10-25 008

I told you about how I made the “Together We Make a Family” plaque in this post. I made the verse sign a few weeks ago. A friend on Facebook made a sign with the verse and I really liked it. I had a blank canvas sitting in a closet, and thought it would be neat to do a silhouette of an oak with the verse. I painted the whole canvas dark red. Then printed off a picture I found online of an oak, cut it out and traced it onto the canvas and filled it in with white paint. I freehanded the lettering for the verse.

2010-10-25 004

Fun story: the day after I finished this, I was webcamming with my mom on Skype about what she and her visiting friend were doing. She said they used her Cricut to cut out vinyl letters of her friend’s family verse, “…something from Isaiah about oaks.” I pulled out my sign. Turns out they’d been using the same verse!

I’ll be linking up with some of these great parties!


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  2. Cute!! I love it! You did a great job with the verse! :)

  3. This was the theme verse for our Home School. (My kids are now grown.) You did a great job!

  4. My staircase needs dressing up too, I love what you did with yours!


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