Friday, November 12, 2010

Grand Opening and a Give Away!

ruffles n such banner
Announcing the grand opening of my new Etsy Shop: Ruffles ‘n Such! This shop is all about ruffles, flutters and flowers! I’ve been having so much fun adding these cute embellishments to the clothes and accessories I make, and kept hearing from people that they’d love to buy some of these items, so I finally figured I’d set up an Etsy shop with this feminine focus. What can you find in my shop right now?
I plan on adding more scarves and clips, as well as ruffled bags, flutter flower shirts, and ruffle shirts soon.
If you have a chance, please head over to Ruffles ‘n Such and let me know what you think!
But the fun doesn’t stop there!!! My friend, Natalie, has a really fun blog called Blonde at Heart.
She has all sorts of great stories about her blonde moments (despite being a brunette), shopping adventures, scuba diving, fashion, and whatever is on her mind. I love reading her posts because I can totally hear her voice. She’s a sweet person, a really caring friend, and always fun to be around (yay for me getting to spend the weekend with her at our church’s women’s retreat!).
Well, Natalie just hit 300 followers on her blog (and has actually gone beyond it already). That’s a big accomplishment in my mind. I celebrate every single follower I get, so when she reached that milestone, I knew it was time for her to have a give away! She’s giving away one of The Bubble Gum Ruffles Scarf from my Etsy shop!
So if you’d like a chance to win, or you just want to read her fun stories, or both, head on over to Blonde at Heart!


  1. You have been one busy mama!! Look at you!! Lovin' those scarfs!! :) Can I put one on my christmas list?? :) Fun fun fun stuff to look at!!

  2. New follower from Blonde at Heart! I LOVE the khaki cowl...cute stuff!

  3. I really love the ruffles scarf. The twill is something new and its a classic, pretty design.


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