Monday, November 15, 2010

Miscellany Monday

I know that Monday is just about over and that most people will actually be reading this on Tuesday… but the alliteration’s just too fun! I had a great weekend (and I count Monday as part of my weekend).

-I made my first sale in my Etsy shop on Friday! My wonderful Aunt Dana purchased a rosette clip. I feel kind of like the little kid selling candy bars whose sweet aunt makes sure they don’t have to go back to school empty handed… but I’m so thankful and excited to have my first sale! And since she made her purchase during my grand opening (which I’m still trying to figure out how long that should last), she got a free gift with her purchase!

-I spent the weekend in Newport, Oregon with 170 ladies at my church’s Women’s Retreat. Instead of having one speaker, they had a panel of 5 speakers ranging from in their 20’s to 70’s. I was so blessed by all they shared!

-I helped with the collecting of gifts (we draw names and in the end each lady took home a wonderful present), and was given a gift for serving. I loved how the ladies coordinating the event took simple items and added special touches to make this gift extra special.

The box, with a mug from the retreat (the theme logo and verse are printed on it), a necklace and a candle:
2010-11-15 019

The necklace was a scrabble tile pendant, but rather than just putting it in the box, they put it in a jar filled with stones and a flower on top:2010-11-15 021

The mug:
2010-11-15 022

A candle that they wrapped with grosgrain ribbon and topped with a burlap flower
2010-11-15 0242010-11-15 026

I loved the extra touches they made to take it from a gift to a true token of appreciation.

-I loved coming home to Nolan and Jace. Jace has been so sweet today, making sure I know he loves me without being clingy. This child has been very noisy since day one, but today he took those noises and made purposeful sounds. For a while, “dadadadada” has expressed happiness. Tonight, “Dada” is what he said when he saw Nolan. Until now, he’s babbled, “bububububuh,” and this evening, after we said “Bye-bye,” he waved his hand and said, “beh beh.”

-My son is cute:

2010-11-15 011

He found a “transfer” tag that fell off my suitcase and has been attached to it all afternoon and evening! Here he is showing it to me.

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  1. Loved reading all about your weekend...and Jace, of course!


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