Sunday, November 28, 2010

Number 1 @ CSI!

 Oh my, oh my, oh my! On Tuesday I entered this post about our Christmas Tree Breads in the CSI Project's link up party for holiday baking. I was planning on writing that post at some point, but the challenge motivated me to get it up right away. It was fun entering, but I really didn't expect to get chosen or acknowledged. I've entered in several of their challenges before, but there are always so many other projects that I am in awe of.

Well... just before heading up to bed tonight (later than I should have been), I decided to check my blog reader one more time. And what did I see when I happened upon The CSI Project's latest post? I not only was selected by the guest judges, but my project was the number 1 pick! My heart literally jumped! I quickly unplugged my laptop, ran up the stairs with it, shouting in the loudest whisper I could (after all, Jace was sleeping), "Nolan!!!" Of course, he's logical, and after looking at the post all he saw was "#36" next to the name of my project. After explaining to him that it meant I was the 36th entry, but chosen as the number 1 pick, he was happy for me too!

And now that I've shared my excitement, I also have to share how it was because of the CSI Project that I started this blog. In the months after Jace was born, my emotions did fairly well--I had a content baby who allowed me to get more sleep than I got before he was born, I had the perfect balance of a short work week and time at home, and an amazing supportive husband. But I still felt the emotional roller coaster that comes with being a new mom. Because I was nursing, I spent hours on the couch, looking at blogs. I came across the CSI Project one day, and saw the challenge for red, white and blue (yes, it was right before the 4th of July). I felt like trying my hand at something creative. I used to be really creative and crafty--my mom is the crafter of all crafters, and I grew up in constant amazement of her creativity. I did a lot of my own projects over the years, but in the months (and possibly years) leading up to becoming a mother, I hadn't spent much time creating outside of work. I felt a wonderful sense of relief as I made my star wreath. Of course, to enter my project, I needed a blog. So I started Made it on Monday. I pulled old pictures of projects I'd done around the house and posted them in case anyone decided to actually visit my blog--I wanted to have more than just my wreath to look at.

And that star wreath lead to pulling my sewing machine back out and making a Yankee Doodle Romper for Jace, and then a dress, and then a shirt for a friend's daughter, and I just couldn't stop. I felt energized when I created. I loved the outlet of starting and finishing a project in one evening. To look at what I had in my cupboards, drawers and closets, and find a way to make something new. I loved pouring over other people's posts and bookmarking their projects for inspiration. I loved the affirmation from sweet comments. Checking my email each morning became the highlight of my day. I think it's safe to say that this blog and what it represents has made a huge impact on my life. I might be going crazy without it. I'm sure I'm a happier mom and wife because of it. This blog is my accountability partner for creating new things--I keep wanting to add new posts, and know I've been slacking when my daily hits start to decrease. 

So while I feel like a silly celebrity giving their award acceptance speech, and the music has started playing, I'm so excited to have my Christmas Tree Breads chosen. Not for the button on my sidebar (although that is fun), but because it reminds me of why I started this blog, what it has done for me, and how much I want to continue with it. Now if only it wasn't 12:30 my time, which means 3:30 am for my mom, or else I'd be calling her right now!

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  1. Congratulations, Jill!!!! How very fun!!! Thanks for the shout out:) And...thanks for letting me sleep:):)


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