Monday, November 29, 2010

The stockings were hung…

Four years ago, for our first Christmas as a married couple, I made stockings for me and Nolan.
picture 003
(My mantel looks so bare!)
I bought enough fabric at that time to make six stockings (I would love to have 4 kids while Nolan says we’ll have 3 and then talk about it… so at least I knew I would be fully prepared). But then the next year I wanted a matching tree skirt, and had so much fabric just sitting there, and I’d be able to find pretty fabric later, right?
So, fast forward a few years, and Jace is a part of our family, Christmas is approaching,and I need to make him a stocking. Ucreate featured an adorable stocking from Moda Bake Shop, and chose it as one of the projects for the November Create With Me. I loved the style, and found some really cute fabrics at Joann’s that coordinated well with mine and Nolan’s stockings. I even used left over fabric from ours for a few of the stripes in Jace’s stocking. I figure with each future child, I can pick out fabrics just for them and also use some fabric from ours. Then they’ll all be coordinated, but each child will have one unique to them.
(Side story: Stockings were a big part of my family’s Christmas celebration. None of us could go into the living room on Christmas morning until everyone was up, my dad could turn on the tree, and my mom could watch us all enter at the same time. One year, my mom had put a stuffed animal in each of our stockings, so their heads were peeking out. It was magical when we entered the room! Three of the four of us kids had matching stockings (my mom thought she was done at three). Then, my youngest brother was a big surprise! He had a “Baby” stocking for years, and then a few random ones before a traditional Santa stocking was designated his. I’m glad that I’ve found a way to make a unique stocking for each of my children, have them coordinate, yet not have to worry about a surprise later on!)
Here’s Jace’s stocking!
2010-11-29 011
I love the way it turned out! Instead of just having a cuff at the top, I finished it off with ric-rac, using embroidery floss to stitch it on. I cross stitched his name just like the ones on mine and Noaln’s stockings…
2010-11-29 014
…and hung it in the middle on the mantle.
2010-11-29 023
This makes me happy!
I’ll have a post later this week about our stocking hooks.


  1. I love it! Stockings are a big deal in our house, too! I thouht I would always be able to find stockings at Strausburg since that is where I got my daughters' but they quit making them. I'm so glad that Kari selected this project for November. I rushed myself to get it made before the deadline, mainly so that I would have it to hang with the others. Now I have time to work on a Christmas tree skirt! (Maybe. I have lots of gifts to make!)

  2. This is sooo sweet! I love the ric rac and the quilted look! Hope you share with my Pink Hippo Party @


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