Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Christmas Mantle

Usually I leave all my existing mantle décor up and just add our stockings for a touch of Christmas. But this year I decided to fully decorate it for Christmas.

2010-11-29 018

There’s still something missing, and I have a few ideas rolling around my mind, but for now I love looking at it!

2010-11-29 028

On one side I have a jar full of glass ball ornaments (we had to switch to shatter free balls this year thanks to a baby, cats and a dog), and two candy cane candles.

2010-11-29 031

The other end has a mini tree, an old tree topper (with the coil bent back), and a candy cane candle. (And once again I’m reminded that I need to remove packing tape gunk from an attempt at keeping the cat off the mantle a few years ago.)

2010-11-29 032

I love our stocking hooks!

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