Thursday, December 30, 2010

Red, Ruffles, Rosette and Polka Dots Purse

Wow, a purse that uses three of my favorite things! One of the ladies I work with commissioned me to make this purse for her sister as a Christmas gift. I had a little too much fun designing and making it.

2010-12-25 004

I forgot to take pictures at home, so I took these at church right before handing it off to her.

2010-12-25 002

The outside is made of duck cloth, so it’s really sturdy and durable.

2010-12-25 005

The lining, ruffle and straps are made from a basic quilters cotton. I ventured out and put a magnet closure in it. Turns out, that’s pretty simple to do!

2010-12-25 006

It has two pockets inside, one on each side.

Want one for yourself? You can buy it at my Etsy Shop, Ruffles ‘n Such!


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