Monday, December 27, 2010

Several Christmas Posts All Rolled Into One!

Wow! This Christmas season flew by for me! I supported a friend early in the morning on the 12th as she gave birth to a precious baby boy (how special it was to be a part of this!), and after that, I don’t think I had much down time. So here you have it: all the Christmas posts I meant to do.

Jace made his first art project! My dear friend Mary watches him for me once a week while I’m working and LOVES my son. Mary loves anything sentimental, so her gift from us just had to be made by Jace. I saw this idea on eighteen25 and was inspired.

2010-12-19 0112010-12-19 014

Jace liked having his hand painted, but didn’t care for me making him do anything. He would have rather just play with the paint. I’m very proud of Jace’s first craft, and Mary loved it!

In past years, I’ve made tree breads for the people I work with. But this year, with a 10-month-old underfoot, I was worried that undertaking would leave us with an unhappy mommy, unhappy Jace or both. So instead, I made peppermint kissed pretzels, soda cracker candy and white chocolate melt and m&m topped pretzels. I had been saving empty formula cans for a while, so I cleaned them out, decorated them with scrapbook paper, and filled them with treats.

2010-12-18 0032010-12-18 010 

Our house looked beautiful for Christmas. I love that my house is already decorated with red, so it just makes everything look more festive! I tend to stick with a classic red and gold theme with some green thrown in.

We enjoyed three days of celebrating Christmas! We spent the afternoon with Nolan’s family followed by Christmas Eve service at our church.

2010-12-24 051

Christmas day was low key. Nolan and I headed downstairs around 9 am to open our gifts. My amazing, wonderful, sweet, loving, generous husband gave me the most perfect gift…

2010-12-24 073

A SIHLOUETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jace didn’t wake up until 10. Another wonderful gift! We enjoyed a breakfast of my family’s traditional caramel cinnamon rolls (thanks to the Betty Crocker cookbook!).

2010-12-24 078

That afternoon, my parents and younger brothers came over, and we had fun watching “Top Gear” (the British version) on Netflix, ate a wonderful dinner, and had fun watching Jace play with his toys. I also finally made a tree bread! Here’s what the final product looks like (I didn’t have any pictures of a finished one in my tutorial):

I also used the last of the bread dough to make a loaf of cinnamon bread (basically a giant cinnamon roll) to use for French Toast later on (and it was delicious this morning).

The next day brought a morning at church for me and rest for Nolan and Jace (sleepy baby had the sniffles), followed by the afternoon of celebrating Christmas with my whole family. It was a blast! Jace got one of his favorite gifts from my mom: the Hippo Critter Chair. He calls it “Po”.

2010-12-26 016

We had a great Christmas, and now I’m excited for all the projects I’ll be making with my Silhouette and the SERGER (!!!!) I ordered today with Christmas money!

I hope your holidays were wonderful and special as well.

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  1. It looks like your Christmas was wonderful. But... I will NOT covet your sihlouette... I will NOT covet your sihlouette :) But really I am glad that you got it. Enjoy!!!


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