Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Comfy-Chic Anthro Inspired Outfit

This was my entry for Round 1 of Crafting With The Stars.
Oh this outfit was a doozie of a project! I can’t tell you how many times I was back and forth from my sewing machine to the bathroom mirror. Oh, and we don’t need to talk about the failed attempt I made at a jacket. I kept feeling like I was missing the “wow factor.” It was finally, 5 minutes after I meant to be headed out to meet up with my model, that I felt like the outfit was complete and what I had wanted it to be all along.
I took this:

2 Dollar Store t’s, 1 men’s sweatshirt from Goodwill, 1 skirt from Goodwill, 1 sweater due to go to Goodwill (plus 1 not pictured), and 1 bridesmaid two-piece-dress from Goodwill

And turned them into this:
2011-01-20 040
2011-01-20 046
2011-01-20 048

The shirt, jacket and purse were all Anthropologie inspired: the Deuxhill Cowlneck, the Swept Swag Sweatshirt, and the Garden Accoutrement Bag (although certainly loosely interpreted).
I’ll be posting tutorials over the next week for each of these items. I’m guessing anyone who is interested will most likely be able to make the jacket and top, while the purse was pretty specific to what I found at Goodwill.
And I’m excited to announce that I made it on to Round Two of Crafting With The Stars!!! The next challenge is decoupage and I’ve already started on my project. I’m so excited about it and can’t wait to show you!

UPDATE: Want to make one of these items for yourself? Click HERE for the sweatshirt turned jacket and HERE for the bag.


  1. So cute I love the sweater, Nicely done!!

  2. I cant wait to see the tutorial on how to do this...IT IS SO CUTE!!! I have told so many people to check it out...Great job! you are gonna do a tutorial right?? :o) would love to recreate it..but unsure how to do the jacket..sort of! thanks for the inspiration!

  3. So glad I found you on Crafting with the stars! Can't wait for the tutorial..I hope to make one just as cute!!

  4. This was my favorite CWTS submission, I was hoping you'd do a tutorial on how to make the jacket! LOVE it!

  5. I'm a huge Anthro fan, but I like your items more than theirs! Amazing! I can't wait to see the tutes, I must try this! It looks like you have a serger though...sigh. I don't. I'm a beginning sewer...

    Also LOVE your hair cut!

  6. Yeah! Can't wait for the tutorials!

  7. These are super cute! I wanted to let you know that I was inspired by your Raw Ribbon Tank. I made a vest out of an old t-shirt kind of based on your tank top. I linked back to you, too. You can see it here if you want:

    Scrips and Scraps T-Shirt Vest

  8. I'm in love with that sweater!!! Can't wait for the tutorial! :)

  9. Love it! I can't wait to see the tutorials

  10. Very cute! Looking forward to the tutorial!

  11. That outfit is beautiful, Jill! I am loving that sweater!


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