Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting Organized with a New Piece of Furniture

I’ve had a lovely sofa/console table in our entry way. Nolan and I bought it with Target gift cards just after we got married. I loved the table. It was pretty, classic and fun to decorate—not to mention perfect for holding the keys and mail baskets. Here is a glimpse of it at Christmas time:
2010-12-21 003
Well, Christmas happened, which meant Jace got a lot of toys from all of his loving family members, which meant I started desperately feeling the need for more storage space. And let’s not forget that the child turns one in less than a month. Know what that means? You got it, more toys.
So I started looking around on Craigslist for a buffet or cabinet like the sideboard Jess refinished on Running with Scissors. Didn’t hers turn out beautifully?
(Click on the image to go directly to her post.)
I didn’t find any like hers in my price range, but I did start seeing some beautiful antique pieces. I started to get really excited. I even listed a coffee table we’ve had sitting in the garage to pay for it. And, I realized that with buying a new piece for my entry way, I’d need to sell my current table too. So I listed it. I had a buyer within a half hour of listing it. And, it sold for $5 more than the one I wanted to buy. Which happened to still be available. So, we welcomed this beauty into our home:
2011-01-08 0022011-01-08 012
She needs some work. I’m going to paint her green and give her a nice black tinted glaze. Oh, and some new hardware. I think she’ll turn out beautifully! But until then, needing paint doesn’t mean I can’t utilize all that space. Jace’s toys were stored so nicely in a diaper box and in ever nook and cranny in our living room.
2011-01-08 014
I picked up some tubs and baskets at the Dollar Store, and sorted all of his toys into different categories. Jace thought he was in toy heaven having everything spread out around us.
2011-01-09 005
And despite his best efforts to mess everything back up, I got it all sorted and put away.
2011-01-09 021
Top left basket is full of noisy toys (we’ll see how often that one comes out!), below it are a few toys that were too big for containers. Top right are tubs with cars and people, misc. plastic toys, and blocks. Below them are the set of blocks we gave Jace for Christmas. The top drawer just has items that we stored in the console table before, the middle drawer is bigger kid toys for when nephews and nieces come over, and the bottom drawer holds more of Jace’s toys.
2011-01-09 0222011-01-09 029
We bought our coffee table a few years before meeting Jace, but knew we’d want toy storage, so we chose one with two large drawers. I filled one with all his big lego toys and trains and the other with larger toys.
2011-01-09 015 
And then I labeled everything with my beloved labeler so Nolan will know where things go too!
2011-01-09 041
Now to just get the garage cleaned so we’ll have space to paint the buffet!



  1. fantastic! i can't wait to see it finished! :)

  2. Goodness have you been busy...I am so behind on my blog reading! :) Love the fun "new" cabinet!! LOVIN" Craigslist!! :)


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