Friday, January 14, 2011

I Like to Party at The Sundae Scoop

I told you last week about how I’m a party girl—link up parties, that is. I love these parties. I participate in quite a few, and I know that there are even more that I don’t crash. As fun as it would be to party it up like a blog rock star, I have to limit my craziness just a bit. I’m a follower of every blog that I party at. And being a follower is a big deal for me. It means I actually read just about every post that blogger puts out there. I click on so many of the posts other partiers link up. And it takes a lot of time. It’s an investment, really. And while I have a link up party page that will send you to the sites that I party at, and I’ve just changed my blog layout so all their buttons are on my sidebar as well, I thought I’d give a bigger shout out to each of these hosts.
This week I’m starting with Jamielyn at I {heart} Naptime with Chocolate Sundaes.


Why do I like her blog & party? Well, for one, she’s adorable. She has two really cute kids. She also has done some pretty incredible projects.

Her party, the Sundae Scoop, starts on Saturday evenings. A lot of cool people join in on this party. Jamielyn always features some incredible projects. Quite a few of my projects, as well as many of those saved in my favorites, were inspired by projects linked up at and featured on her blog.
So thanks, Jamielyn, for having such a great blog and hosting such a great party!

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  1. This just made my night! You are too sweet. I'm so glad you link up. It wouldn't be the same with out you. Thanks for all the inspiration you give!


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