Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My First Silhouette Project: Please Knock

As I’ve already told you, Nolan gave me a Silhouette for Christmas. I LOVE it! Christmas evening I had fun making my first project: a sign asking people to please knock instead of ringing the doorbell. The doorbell itself isn’t what wakes our baby, the reaction of the dog to the doorbell is what wakes Jace. Knocking still is followed by a crazy amount of barking, but the volume isn’t quite as bad.

2011-01-03 029

I had fun choosing the frame, playing with fonts, and then finally watching it come out all beautifully cut. I feel like it stands out beautifully against our house color.

2011-01-03 030

Unfortunately, the UPS guy seems blind, or doesn’t think this sign applies to him, so while cute, our sign has been completely ineffective. Maybe I need to have some more people over to test it out…


  1. Ohhh this is cute. I will have to send this link to my Sister she just had a baby. Yeah and People don't read or pay attention half the time! lol:)

  2. I think its adorable! I will walk on by and knock...that way you feel like at least one person read it !:)

  3. so cute... i want a Silhouette now.

  4. Oh my goodness - first of all, this is SUPER cute and something that I have been meaning to find a fix to forever - our dog does the same thing! Second, I just read your profile and felt like it was me! I also live in the PNW, got married on 5/5/06, had a baby in May AND just left my job as a Children's Ministries director at my church! Twins! Third, I found you thru KojoDesigns so thank you for linking up!


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