Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Gathered Belt

A while back I saw a tutorial for this belt on A Lemony Squeeze Home.
Adorable, isn’t it? I pretty much love everything she makes. I have been wanting to make this belt for a while. I even mentioned wanting to make it in my post about the Raw Ribbons Top. I had the perfect fabric, I just needed the motivation. Then, my friend Katie and I planned to have our boys’ picture taken in the outfits our friend Mary bought them. Mary’s the one who watches Jace for me once a week while I work. She loves us. We love her. We want to bless her with a picture of her boys. And why not be prepared to hop in a picture or two ourselves? So I needed something to wear. I needed the perfect belt to add a touch of red to my outfit. Out came the tutorial.
2011-01-03 010
I was quite pleased with how it turned out and loved the pop of red in the pictures (which Mary LOVED. We made her cry. A lot. Repeatedly). Then, a few days later, I had to pull the belt out again to wear with my new top and cardigan. So much fun!
2011-01-08 0042011-01-08 007
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