Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Winter Wreath

I’ve loved having wreaths on my front door these past few seasons. So much so that it made me really sad to take down my Christmas wreath. Guess that meant I just had to make a winter wreath (Valentines Day still seems a little too far away for me). I went with the same concept as my fall book page wreath, just a little simpler. I’m quite pleased with my winter wreath decorated with book page snowflakes.
2011-01-03 033
To make my wreath form, I used a large embroidery hoop and wrapped it with quilt batting. Then I wrapped the form in long strips of 3 inch wide blue fabric. I really wanted to use a satin ribbon, but liked the idea of spending less money.
2010-12-30 0012010-12-30 003
Then I cut out the outline shape of a snowflake on my Silhouette. I tried doing actual snowflakes, but the book pages were so thin they curled up too much after pulling them off the cutting mat.
2010-12-30 002
Then I just scrunched the shapes a bit in the middle, hot glued them to the wreath form, and smudged silver and platinum ink from stamp pads onto the edges of the snowflakes. I picked up the silver berries at Jo-Ann’s on after Christmas sales for $.30 a bunch (I used 3 bunches for the wreath). The wreath still needed a little something, so I wrapped some silver ribbon left over from Christmas around the whole thing. I like how the blue stands out off my white (and dirty) door.
2011-01-03 0342011-01-03 037
And here’s how my front porch looks now: wreath, “Home” tin sign my sister-in-law gave me for my birthday, and the “please knock” sign I made with my silhouette (more on that later this week).
2011-01-03 041


  1. Wow that is really cute...thanks for sharing!

  2. OH .ahh...:) Love it!! T-A-L-E-N-T, talent you've got Talent! :) how the "home" sign looks too! :)

  3. I love this! I love the colors!! It looks great!! :)


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