Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh the joys of a power outage

Yesterday I woke up to the sound of the power going out. You know, the sound of a suddenly silent house? The heater quit, the baby monitor went off, the alarm clock clicked off. Things came back on, then off again. Then back on, and then off again, and stayed off. It was wonderful (said sarcastically). I had baked French toast in the oven for Nolan's birthday breakfast in bed. My hair was a crazy, pillow-dried mess than needed to be flat ironed before church. Not to mention all the other little things I appreciate that come with power. Thankfully, the breakfast was almost done baking anyways so I just let it sit in the oven for a little longer. We had a romantic, candlelit breakfast, packed up my make up and hair stuff, woke up Jace and headed to church. I stopped at the office on our way in to finish getting ready and we hoped the power would be back on when we got home.

That afternoon, the power was back, but our internet wasn't. A sad red light told us our modem was dead. It didn't appreciated the flickering power that morning. My wonderful husband brought home a modem on his lunch and restored our internet! Unfortunately, though, my computer has been slowly deciding to remove necessary abilities that can't be restored... basics like the battery meter and the ability to connect to wireless networks. Unless the network was already saved (like our old home wireless and the one at work/church), I can't discover or connect to it. So I'm on Nolan's laptop. All my blog posts are saved on my laptop. I had a great one planned for today! But you'll have to wait until tomorrow when I'm at work, connected to a wireless network that my computer already recognizes.

So until then, I'll be enjoying reading all of your posts! Happy Modems to you!

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