Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Tale of Three Tops: Slubby Ruffle Tank Tutorial

I told you on Sunday about how I made three tops for WAY less than what Banana Republic would have asked for. Remember the tops?
2010-12-30 0342010-12-30 0542010-12-30 091
Yesterday I showed you how I made the Raw Ribbons Top. Today we’ll look at how I made the Slubby Ruffle Tank. First, let’s look at the inspiration once more.
ruffle across
I like how the ruffles cross the top in a random way, not just straight across. If you look closely, you’ll see that there are triangle shaped gaps with just the shirt showing, no ruffle. I used the same pattern as for the shirt the day before, I just cut it more narrow so this top would be more form fitting.
Then I cut some long strips in different widths: 3”, 2”, 1”.
2010-12-30 036
I used my AMAZING ruffle foot and ruffled the strips directly on to the front piece of fabric. If you don’t have a ruffle foot, you can just gather your strips and then pin onto the fabric. I alternated the angle of the strips. I started by doing a tighter ruffle (set to the every 6 stitch setting on the ruffle foot), and the went back and filled in some of the gaps with looser ruffled strips (set to the every 12 stitch setting).
2010-12-30 037
Then, I serged the front and back pieces together to finish off the shirt. I didn’t do any fancy finish work on the sleeves or hem, just serged with black thread. I liked the raw finish couple with the raw edge on all the ruffles.
And the shirt was done!
2010-12-30 054
For the cardigan to go with this top, I took an old pink sweater that had shrunk up too much in the length.
2010-12-30 040
I just cut up the middle of the front and serged the edges. I like how the knit kind of ruffled. It coordinates well with the top.
2010-12-30 060
Since this top is form fitting, I don’t feel the need to have a belt around the cardigan. I think I love this top even more than the one before! Be sure and stop by tomorrow for the tutorial for the third top in the Tale of Three Tops!


  1. Nice, I just need to learn to sew now lol

  2. OH!!! I LOVE THIS!! I love all three!!! Once I get a sewing machine I am coming to you!

  3. Oh wow... Awesome job! Now I wish I had a serger :)

  4. This is absolutely adorable! And I'm glad you shared your tutorial!
    I hope you come link it up at the Making It party this week!

  5. This tutorial (and this shirt specifically) is what made me want to sew. I've tried other patters of yours, but guess which shirt I haven't made yet? haha! Just flipping through your archives and was reminded why I borrowed a sewing machine in the first place! haha!



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