Monday, February 28, 2011

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So You Think You’re Crafty!!!

I’m auditioning for So You Think You’re Crafty!!! Head over HERE and vote for your favorite project!

And now for some back story about why I’m so crazy to enter in another competition!

Back in September I emailed Missy at So You Think You’re Crafty about being able to audition for a future season. This was before I’d even heard of Crafting with the Stars. So imagine how crazy I felt when I got the email saying the next season’s auditions were coming up just as I was wrapping up Crafting with the Stars. Part of me thought I should pass because our life was CRAZY during CWTS. But the other part of me LOVES So You Think You’re Crafty (SYTYC) and really wanted to try my hand at it.

So Nolan and I did some negotiating. We agreed I could audition as long as I promised 3 things: I would work on my projects on my time—during Jace’s nap time and while Nolan was working out in the evenings that way it wouldn’t take away from our time, I had to pull of projects using only materials I already had or my fun money (CWTS was hard on the budget for us), and the projects had to actually benefit us in someway.

CWTS was intense—being a 4 week contest and having 3 people eliminated each week meant that people went all out with their projects. It was intense. In order to keep up, I felt like I had to almost let go of a little of myself and pull out something HUGE in order to compete. And since it’s all anonymous and I couldn’t show something you’ve already seen on my blog, my projects didn’t really help our home out.

I loved being a part of CWTS, but I have a feeling SYTYC will be a breath of fresh air. It’s a 10 week competition, so from all the seasons I’ve watched (and there have been quite a few), it seems to stay more true to a “crafting” competition and not so much a furniture re-vamp competition. Who has the stamina (or money) to do HUGE projects for 10 weeks? I know I don’t!

This time around, Nolan and I have made a list of all the different things/places/people in our lives that I have not shown on my blog yet and my projects will center around those. And if I make it in to compete, I can guarantee that my projects will be real life, cost effective, and simpl(er) to do. I’m excited to add this extra challenge for myself!

So, if you’ve stuck with me through this, head on over and vote! Thanks!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Flower Power

If you haven’t noticed, I like flowers. And ruffles. And all things girly.
(Hence my Esty shop being Ruffles ‘n Such: For the love of all things ruffled, fluttered and flowered.)
I like to put flowers on things…

I don’t typically explain how I make my flowers because there are so many great tutorials already out there. But then two people asked on my last tutorial how I make my roses. So I thought I’d give you a little round up of some of my favorite flower tutorials out there (some I’ve used, some I will follow someday). Once you’ve followed a tutorial, it takes some practice. It can take a little while to get the hang of some of them, so don’t get discouraged. If there’s a flower you’re still curious about after checking these out, let me know and I’ll be happy to make a tutorial for you!


blue copy


DSC_0081 copy



Happy flower making!!!

Tutorial: Headband

I showed you this headband that I made the other day.
And today I’m going to show you how to make one for yourself!

First, measure the circumference of your head, at the spot where you’d like to wear your headband. I have a small head—22 inches around.
Cut a 5” piece of elastic. I used elastic chord which can be bought by the yard at Jo-Ann’s. You can also just use thin elastic. You can see that the piece in the picture is only 4”. That’s because I goofed up!
2011-02-26 001
Only 4” of the piece will actually add to the length of your headband, but you’re having to take 1/2” into account on each side for sewing to the fabric.

Take the size of your head and subtract 5 from it (so I subtracted 5 from 22 which is 17). You’re subtracting 5, not 4 (the length of the elastic) because you’re allowing for some stretch in the elastic so it sits tight on your head. I don’t like headbands that slip off. That number (17 in my case) will be the length of your headband. Now add 1 inch to it to allow for a 1/2 inch to fold over on each end to finish it off. Are you confused yet??? So really, you’re just subtracting 4 from your original head size. I just gave you all the extra numbers so you understand what they mean. And if I haven’t lost you yet…

Cut a two strips of fabric in the length you came up with (in my case, 18).

Now you’re going to have to decide how wide/thick you want your headband. The one in the picture above is a 2” headband. I wanted to play with something a little thinner, so this time around I decided to make a 1” headband. Now that all’s said and done, I think 1.5” is the perfect size. I also have a 3” headband cut out, and it’s shown next to the one I’m making tonight. Add 1 inch to the width you’re wanting (for 1/2” seam allowance on both sides) and cut out your strips in that width. At this point I had two strips 18” x 2”.
2011-02-26 002
If you’re making a headband wider than 1” wide (final product), you’ll want to taper the ends off. I did that by folding in half width wise, and then length wise, and half way started half way between the fold and the ends, and cut an angle so the end pieces were only 1” wide (while folded). The unfolded strip had an end that was 2” wide (remember, seam allowances). For a thin headband, you don’t need to worry about tapering off.
2011-02-26 0032011-02-26 004
Now, facing right sides together, sew down each side with a 1/2” seam allowance.
2011-02-26 005
This is what you’ll have.
2011-02-26 006
Turn the thing inside out. Turning mine inside out took longer than every other step of this project combined. I have a really cool fabric turner hook thing, but I have no idea where that safe place I put it away in is.
Press it (or if you’re lazy like me, just pin) and sew down each side with a 1/8” seam allowance (this stitching will be visible)
2011-02-26 0092011-02-26 010
Fold your end piece under by 1/2” and put one end of your elastic cording in the middle of it. Sew across it several times to make sure the elastic will be held in place.
2011-02-26 0122011-02-26 013
Now the base of your headband is finished!
2011-02-26 014
And now it’s time to embellish. As you could see, I used pink thread for this headband. So to keep it nice and coordinated, I decided to go with pink flowers. I made 3 and cut out a piece of felt.
2011-02-26 017
Played with a few flower arrangements…
2011-02-26 0182011-02-26 019
Finally decided on what I liked and spread glue all over the piece of felt
2011-02-26 020
Stuck the flowers on it and added some glue where needed to help hold it down
2011-02-26 0212011-02-26 022
Thought it could still use one more rose, so I added a 4th one.

Then it was time to figure out how to wear it. Don’t expect to just throw one of these babies on… they take some work! But after experimenting a bit and playing with different looks, I thought I had a good look.
2011-02-26 033
Oh, you want to know who my florists is because you like the bouquet on my head? I do my own floral arrangements.
2011-02-26 037
And then, as you start to pull it off, you end up finding the perfect way to wear it!
2011-02-26 044

If you make one (or really make anything from one of my tutorials), I’d love to see it! Send me an email at nolanandjill {at} gmail {dot} com with your blog address, or just attach pictures to the email.

***UPDATE:  Looking for a tutorial for the flowers? Go HERE for a post linking you to some of my favorite flower tutorials. Still need help? Let me know and I'll make a tutorial too!***

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Accessorizing: Headband!

2011-02-24 010
I originally planned to make this headband for my hairdresser (I thought it would be fun to have options for her to choose from), but then I ran out of time. I think bands like this are super cute, I’ve just never felt like I could pull it off (see my fear of trends here). But then my hair dresser trimmed me up a little shorter and with some spunk…
2011-02-24 005
I’m loving the cut. Just not looking forward to washing it and then having to style it myself. So I thought I’d go ahead and finish the headband. It’s black and white checker with a strip of elastic in the back (and still loose on my head. I have a small head).
I had some fun playing with different ways to wear it.
And maybe tomorrow I’ll feel brave and actually wear it to our Family Movie Night at church!
2011-02-24 035
(And can I just say how awkward it is to edit and scroll through one picture after the next of myself???)

Want to make one for yourself? Go HERE for the tutorial!

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A Snowy Morning

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We woke up to about an inch or two of snow, and then it kept falling until it hit close to 3 inches. We typically only get snow about once a year, so this was very exciting! I got Jace all bundled up in his snowsuit (a Christmas gift from his grandma that we thought he wouldn’t get to wear). I was pretty excited when I found mittens in his closet. He was hesitant at first, but later decided he liked it. That is, until I let our dog out on his leash and his over-exuberance threw Jace off too much. It was fun to spend a little while outside, and then nice to go inside and enjoy the beauty… until it melted. But it’s snowing again now, so hopefully we’ll wake up to another beautiful morning!


2011-02-23 031

2011-02-23 035

2011-02-23 036

2011-02-23 046

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just a little crazy…

My dining room table looks like a fabric store exploded on it…

2011-02-23 002

You don’t need to see what the floor looks like. It’s a very not pretty sight of fabric scraps and threads. I have a guest room with a table and desk set up for sewing projects, but if I sew in there, I can only do it while Jace is napping. The dining table is perfect for practical purposes.

I’ve been a little busy lately and it doesn’t look like life will be slowing down anytime soon. I got my hair trimmed/cut today (which means it was a wonderful day). My hair dresser and I have an exchange system—she cuts my hair and I bring her $40 worth of items I’ve made (and I take my time into account when establishing the value). This time around she said just to have fun and surprise her. So I made her another pillow (and it turns out this is her favorite color!):

2011-02-22 011

and a could-hold-anything-beach-bag-meets-the-ultimate-mom-bag:

2011-02-22 005

It’s made from an outdoor material, so it will wear well and put up with [almost] anything. (And in case you’re wondering about the tiny bit of green peeking out at the top, it’s the pillow. I put it in the bag to take it to her, and liked the look of the bag being full for pictures.)

2011-02-22 007

And it’s huge. I patterned it off a bag I already have, and now I like this bag better.

2011-02-22 009

My hairdresser loved both the bag and the pillow, which made me happy. There’s nothing more intimidating than her possibly not liking it and saying, “Can we just go back to having you pay me?”

2011-02-22 010

The flower is attached to a strap with a magnetic closure on it, and there are tons of pockets inside (7 or 8 if I remember right). The lining is a sweet, yellow quilter’s cotton.

2011-02-22 012

I kind of wish I’d bought more of the fabric. It was on clearance at Jo-Ann’s, and then the additional President’s Day discount made it nice and cheap affordable. I’m guessing I wouldn’t like the price if I were to find it again, if they actually still sell it. Oh well!

Dinner’s almost ready (which makes me happy)… tonight we’re having a beef stroganoff casserole topped with French’s fried onions (which makes me even happier… whole dinner planned around those onions). And then I have a secret project to finish up, followed by getting to work on a BUNCH of things to sell in a boutique/bizarre that’s coming up in 3 weeks. Oh, and I need to sew a smaller version of my pink ruffles dress for an order on Etsy. And I have an idea for a dress (inspired by Mod Cloth) rolling around in my head. Like I said… just a little crazy!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Giveaway: Foggy Morning Jewelry Designs

I’m so excited to be hosting my first sponsored giveaway today!!! I hit 300 followers on Monday (wahoo! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love all of you and how much your “following” means to me!!!). So why not have another giveaway?

Misty from Foggy Morning Jewelry Designs does BEAUTIFUL work! Her Etsy Shop is full of super cute jewelry. I had too much fun browsing through all of her items. A few that caught my eye are:


Misty clearly has an artistic gift when it comes to pairing colors and making jewelry. I asked her to share a little bit about herself so we can know the person behind the shop a little better. She said, “I absolutely LOVE designing and making my asymmetrical necklaces! Purple is my favorite color so a lot of my pieces feature purple. I kind of personalize all my jewelry. I started my etsy shop because I love to make my jewelry, and wanted to have a way to support my "habit," per se! I love connecting with others and I especially love custom orders!”

And not only does she work full time in addition to her shop, she’s also a wife (her husband is a stay-at-home-dad) and mother (two kiddos—22 months and 3 months old!).

Oh, and let’s just add to all of that—she wants to give one of you this beautiful necklace!


I love the black and white. It can go with so many things!

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