Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party

This little guy turned 1 on February 3!

2011-02-02 015

I’ve been thinking about his party for quite some time now. Jace loved his Hungry Caterpillar toy for several months, so it was an easy choice for a party theme. Go HERE to see the invitations I sent out to family members.

The cake was fun to make. I used a six inch round pan for the head, and then cupcakes for the body. Red licorice rope was used for the antennae and feet. The eyes are green frosting with licorice in the middle, and the nose is a chocolate chip.

2011-02-04 102

The decorations were so much fun to come up with! I mad a tissue paper pom pom caterpillar for the front door. I had the letters for “Happy Birthday” left over from a banner, and hung them from the caterpillar using raffia. The pom poms are glued to a wrapping paper tube, and then it’s hung with braided raffia.

2011-02-04 013

I had fun using my Silhouette for the décor! A “Happy Birthday” banner hung over the table, and the banner on the front of the table lists all the foods the caterpillar ate.

2011-02-04 022

Target carries ADORABLE Hungry Caterpillar party supplies! I picked up a table cloth, plates and napkins.

2011-02-04 026

Our food was from the book as well. I’ve seen ideas for fruit salad made of what the caterpillar ate. But since it’s February, and we live in the Northwest, fruit deals aren’t that great right now. So we had food from Saturday’s binge in the book: pickles (grown and then pickled by Nolan’s mom), salami, swiss cheese (crackers and cheddar cheese too), sausage (made my favorite way: little smokies wrapped in bacon and then rolled in brown sugar and baked… now I’m wanting to make some more!), apples and lollipops.

2011-02-04 023

Three cupcakes were frosted with plain white frosting for anyone who didn’t need to get too messy (Jace).

2011-02-04 017

To keep things fun for the cousins, I had a craft project! I picked up small wooden plaques on sticks at Craft Warehouse for $1/each. The first step was sealing the wood. I loved how seriously they took it.

2011-02-04 027

We waited a while for the sealer to dry. Then they painted them white. After that dried, we used red paint and the boys made caterpillars using their thumb and finger prints, and Cami made a butterfly using her thumb prints. I outlined the butterfly in silver glitter puff paint, and used the same stuff to make a face, legs and antennae on the caterpillars.

2011-02-04 125

The last step was taking them out to the garage and spraying them with varnish. The kids will have so much fun sticking them in flower pots in the spring. This project, broken up throughout the party, was one of my favorite parts of the day.

2011-02-04 124

And it wouldn’t be a special occasion for Jace without me making something for him to wear! My friend, Alexis, gave me this six month size onesie that had been given to her as a hand-me-down. It’s covered with elements from the book!

2011-02-04 044

My mom helped me out by cutting out the individual pieces. I appliquéd them onto a blue knit, and then appliquéd that onto a red Garanimals shirt (love these shirts from Walmart!).
2011-02-04 048

The first picture is the caterpillar, followed by “An apple on Monday,” “Two pears on Tuesday,” “Three plums on Wednesday,” “Four strawberries on Thursday,” “Five oranges on Friday,” and “A leaf on Saturday.”

2011-02-04 051

The sleeves each got a caterpillar with “But he was still hungry” under it, just above the cuff of the sleeve. The back (which I didn’t get a good picture of) was a large butterfly cut from another onesie from Alexis. Jace looked too cute!

2011-02-04 055

Our little family!

2011-02-04 099

Jace wasn’t so sure of the cake. He ate the frosting for a  little while, rejected the cake, and finally was overwhelmed by all the cameras flashing.

2011-02-04 109

It was a great party and Jace is LOVING having so many toys to play with!

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  1. You put together a party like that the same week as working and making your "baby" project! You are a rock star! Your little guy is so cute! Happy one!!!!!

  2. this is such an ADORABLE birthday party!! Would love for you to link up to Handmade Tuesdays @ Ladybug Blessings if you get a chance!

  3. Great looking party, I love how you did his little tshirt!

  4. I love the Very Hungry Caterpillar. I had a Very Hungy Caterpillar party for my sons 1st Beday last year. So fun.

  5. Adorable party and just right for a 1st birthday.

  6. I love this! As a kindergarten teacher, this is one of my favorite books. Nice job! Thanks for linking up to Home and Family Friday.



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