Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jace’s Nursery

One year ago today (February 2) I went into labor at 5 am. Jace didn’t make his appearance until almost 36 hours later. In honor of the most painful day of my life (the 18 hours before I got an epidural were MISERABLE thanks to Jace being sunnyside up and giving me all back labor), I thought I’d share his nursery with you.
My theme is antique/vintage toys, and as the room came together, it leaned more toward antique/vintage style transportation. I had so much fun decorating this room as it was the first room I was able to put together all at once. Everything else in our house has been a work in progress.
Putting his room together began an ongoing love affair between us (me and Nolan) and Craigslist. Our changing table was found for $50. This style brand new would have been a couple hundred bucks, and at least $100 from what we were seeing in all the other Craigslist postings. Nolan gave it a coat of paint and it looked brand new! The canvas baskets were found at HomeGoods for (I think) $5/each. I didn’t make the letters that hang above it until after the original pictures were taken. I found pre-painted blocks and then just used white paint for the letters and blue grosgrain ribbon to hang them. Jace loves his letters.
The dresser in his closet was the one my parents bought for my nursery. It could use some sprucing up, but I’m happy with it the way it is considering it’s just sitting in his closet.
017 (2) - Copy
The glider rocker was a gift to us from my brother and sister-in-law. They bought it for their first child, and three kids later it was still in great shape. My SIL took pictures of her babies in this chair each month, and I’ve done the same with Jace. It’s a fun family tradition! My mom had slip covered it with brown (as seen on the ottoman) for my niece’s décor, and we just hadn’t taken the brown fabric off yet when the picture was taken. It’s now blue like the chair. The blanket hanging on the back is a soft flannel with cars and trucks all over it. My mom made it and it came in very handy during middle of the night feedings. The pictures on the wall are just scrap book paper with vinyl decals of vintage military airplanes from Burlington. Jace’s night stand was the only piece of furniture we bought new. I got it at Target. The lamp is a vintage style oil can (the item that inspired the whole room) from HomeGoods. I saw it before we knew if it was a boy or girl. Once we knew we were having a boy, I called Nolan’s mom and asked her to go get it for us since the store is over an hour away. She got the last one! Also on the nightstand is a little scooter my aunt found at Coldwater Creek.
010 (2) - Copy
The curtains were simple to make thanks to my rolled hem foot! The majority is the striped fabric, with a red bottom and red and blue ribbon trimming between the two fabrics. We installed faux wood blinds and LOVE them.
012 (2) - Copy
The bassinet is another family tradition. My mom bought and decorated it for my nephew, the first grandchild. The next nephew used it as well, and then she decorated it in beautiful pinks and browns for my niece. For Jace, we found a really soft flannel with cars all over it for the sheet, a blue flannel with red, yellow and green dots for the bumper. She then wove the top with ribbon. I LOVE it. Jace slept in it until he was 2 months old when he got so wiggly that I’d find him wrapped in the bumper.
Oregon October Visit 007
The crib was also found on Craigslist for $50, and Nolan’s sister bought it for us. It was originally light wood, so Nolan painstakingly painted it. He wouldn’t recommend it. My mom made the sheets (they match the blanket on the back of the rocker, only they aren’t flannel and the cars are smaller), crib skirt, and slip covered a bumper that didn’t go with the look of the room. The shelf above the bed has a tin bug (also found by my aunt at Coldwater creek), a fire truck from Homegoods (thanks, Grandma!) and a truck found at Ross. I love how perfectly they all match each other.
014 (2) - Copy
The mobile was found at Burlington and has little airplanes that match the vinyl in the frames. We thought it still needed a little something, so my mom added the striped fabric. Jace LOVED his airplanes and stripes.
Nolan’s dad made this beautiful toy box for Jace. Someday he’ll love getting his toys out, but for now I use it to store the clothes he hasn’t grown into yet. Originally I hung another picture with the vinyl above it, but then my mom made a memory board for him.
And that concludes our tour! Before he was born, I loved to just sit in there and look around. After he was born I was so thankful that I’d made his room something I loved as I spent so many hours feeding him in there. I still love his room and look forward to watching him play in it as he gets older.

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  1. I love his lil room! :) And fun that the bassinet and rocker have stayed in the family! :)


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