Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sewing Simply Series!

I posted here about doing a series on very basic sewing skills—like getting to know/use your machine, how to read and use a pattern, etc. Several people commented that they’d like to get to know their machines better or actually learn how to use them. There are some great tutorials out there for slightly more complex sewing skills—tutorials I can learn a lot from. So if you already know how to sew competently, I doubt my series will be for you. But if you consider yourself a beginner, or need a refresher on what you learned in Home Ec. back in 7th grade, this series is for you!


And here’s the schedule (in case you want to get some materials so you can sew along!):
Monday—Getting to know your machine: basic terminology.
Tuesday—Let’s make a pillow! Learn basic machine skills by making something simple and cute.
Wednesday—Sew along! We’ll make a cute bag together! I picked up my pattern on the display rack at Joann’s by all the pattern books. We’ll start on Wednesday with reading the pattern instructions and cutting the fabric.
Thursday—Sew along! We’ll sew our bags and finish them up, following along with the instructions.
Friday—The inspiration process. I’ll take you through how I browse through expensive clothes and then make my knock-offs.

And beyond… I’d love to see if you make something along with me. I’ll start a Flikr group, and if you upload your pics, I’ll share them with everyone else! Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Feel free to grab a button! (And let me know if you put it on your blog… I’d love to visit your site!)


Wanting to go shopping for some supplies so you can sew along with me next week? Here’s a shopping/supplies list for you:

1 pillow form (16”x16” or smaller)
2 Fat Quarters or a half a yard of a cotton quilting fabric of your choice
Coordinating thread
Sewing machine with bobbin

1 yard of a cotton quilting fabric of your choice
5/8 yard of a contrasting/coordinating cotton quilting fabric of your choice
1 3/8 yard fusible interfacing
5 1/2” to 6 1/2” Bag rings (in the projects section of Joann’s)
Magnetic Snap (optional)

If you aren’t sure what any of these materials are, ask an employee at the fabric store. They’ll be able to help!


  1. hooray! :) I can't wait. I have been thinking about making a bag, but wasn't sure if I could do it. :) I will defintely be asking the employees at least one question! lol What the heck is "fusible interfacing"? I think I am going to learn a lot! :)
    Oh! And I added your button to my blog :)

  2. Yayyyyyyyyy. I have a pile of clothes to work on. Too big t-shirts and misshapen sweaters that shall be turned into cute and wearable and free things for me. :)

  3. Haha!! I'm so doing this!! Because your uncompetent't sew worth a darn! And funny because today when I was working on my trunk/bench I am painting thought to myself..."I should call Jill and see if she can help me recover/make some new pillows!" And voila...I have your help! :) hehe!! I don't think I'll be ready to make a bag anytime soon because of those 3 crazies I have running around...but it's quite tempting! Can't wait to start! And...maybe, just maybe if I'm in need of help I can get you to come to my doorstep! :)

  4. You Rock! I can't wait! I need to brush up on my 8th grade sewing class. I just do very basic work with my old sewing machine. I need to gain a little confidence to go for bigger projects like this.

  5. Yay! So excited! I put your button on my blog :)

  6. Cool, great idea! I blogged about it today; you can check it out here:


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