Monday, February 28, 2011

So You Think You’re Crafty!!!

I’m auditioning for So You Think You’re Crafty!!! Head over HERE and vote for your favorite project!

And now for some back story about why I’m so crazy to enter in another competition!

Back in September I emailed Missy at So You Think You’re Crafty about being able to audition for a future season. This was before I’d even heard of Crafting with the Stars. So imagine how crazy I felt when I got the email saying the next season’s auditions were coming up just as I was wrapping up Crafting with the Stars. Part of me thought I should pass because our life was CRAZY during CWTS. But the other part of me LOVES So You Think You’re Crafty (SYTYC) and really wanted to try my hand at it.

So Nolan and I did some negotiating. We agreed I could audition as long as I promised 3 things: I would work on my projects on my time—during Jace’s nap time and while Nolan was working out in the evenings that way it wouldn’t take away from our time, I had to pull of projects using only materials I already had or my fun money (CWTS was hard on the budget for us), and the projects had to actually benefit us in someway.

CWTS was intense—being a 4 week contest and having 3 people eliminated each week meant that people went all out with their projects. It was intense. In order to keep up, I felt like I had to almost let go of a little of myself and pull out something HUGE in order to compete. And since it’s all anonymous and I couldn’t show something you’ve already seen on my blog, my projects didn’t really help our home out.

I loved being a part of CWTS, but I have a feeling SYTYC will be a breath of fresh air. It’s a 10 week competition, so from all the seasons I’ve watched (and there have been quite a few), it seems to stay more true to a “crafting” competition and not so much a furniture re-vamp competition. Who has the stamina (or money) to do HUGE projects for 10 weeks? I know I don’t!

This time around, Nolan and I have made a list of all the different things/places/people in our lives that I have not shown on my blog yet and my projects will center around those. And if I make it in to compete, I can guarantee that my projects will be real life, cost effective, and simpl(er) to do. I’m excited to add this extra challenge for myself!

So, if you’ve stuck with me through this, head on over and vote! Thanks!!!


  1. yup, sounds like my philosophy! (especially the budget part!! haha)

    and i almost backed out myself--i was supposed to be in season 6, but i was newly preggers and super sick, so i asked to be kicked back to #7! so here i am in #7--hoping to win of course cause that's the point, but at the same time i'm due may 22nd which is just about when the last project would be due!!! :o)
    ah well...figured i'd just roll with it.
    have fun!!!

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