Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tutorial: Anthro Inspired Bag

My entry for round one of Crafting with the Stars included a fun Anthropologie-inspired purse.

2011-01-20 028

I made the shirt and the jacket but felt like something was still needed to complete the outfit. A quick visit around Anthropologie’s website, and a little drooling over the Garden Accoutrement Bag, and I knew what I needed to make.

I started with a skirt from Goodwill

2011-01-20 006

A two-piece bridesmaid dress from Goodwill (although all that was left of it was the bodice… I’ll show you my failed jacket another time!)

2011-01-20 001

And a sweater that was due to go to Goodwill

2011-01-20 025

I took the buttons and sparkled band off the skirt, and free hand cut the bag to the shape I wanted. I knew I’d be putting pleats in at the top, so I made sure and made the top wider than I planned on the bag ending up.

2011-01-20 021

Before sewing the two sides together, I pinned pleats across the top of the bag. I would fold a pleat over about a quarter of an inch, measure two inches over from the pleat and make another one. This was done on both the front and back pieces.

2011-01-20 0222011-01-20 023

I then sewed across the pleats to hold them in shape. I then used that as the pattern for the lining, which was made from the bodice of the bridesmaid dress. I had to cut the top fabric from the lining fabric of the bodice and use both pieces to make the lining.

2011-01-20 024

At this point I was so caught up in sewing that I forgot to take pictures, or maybe I just didn’t have enough hands. But I can tell you what I did! I sewed front and back pieces of the bag right sides together and did the same with the lining. The lining and outside of the bag were sewn together by sewing them together, right sides together, around the top of the bag, leaving a hole large enough to pull one side through. If I had been thinking clearly and not been in a hurry, I would have sewn the strap on at this time as well.

To make the strap, I cut a three inch strip from the sleeve of the sweater, folded it in half the long way with the right sides together, sewed down the side and turned it inside out.

The skirt had a really cute ruffle around the bottom and was trimmed in satin ribbon. I had carefully cut it off earlier. I pinned the strap to the sides of the purse and then sewed the ruffle on to the top of the bag, covering up the strap.

At this point, the bag was finished, but still needed flowers. I cut 1 inch wide strips from the sweater and made six rosettes. Five were sewn in a cluster to the bottom corner, and one to the top band. It still needed a little something, so I cut a strip from the red sweater I used to making the piping around the jacket, curled it up, and glued it to the middle of the top rosette. It was the perfect pop of color!

32011-01-20 046


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  1. that is adorable. Thanks for sharing. I'm not so good with coming up with new ideas, but I love to try out other folks creations.

  2. This is adorable!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Kelli @ loveoursimplelife.blogspot.com

  3. It turned out really cute. I always have all these grandiose plans for things I want to sew but I don't have even basic sewing skills and things go downhill pretty quickly.
    AWESOME idea to use an old bridesmaid's dress for lining!

  4. So so So cute! I am highlighting this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com

  5. OH mama. That is adorable! I'm a hopeless Anthro-addict, so this is now bookmarked for future crafty days! thanks for sharing! -diane

  6. I am totally in love with this bag and featuring it on my site today


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