Monday, March 7, 2011

And now to put my feet up and rest a while…

{Although I’ll probably end up doing a little cleaning too}

I just dropped my items off at Blackberry Junction and it feel sooooo good to get it all out of the house! Now if only the house could magically clean itself…

I was just a little hurried this morning (to put it mildly) in getting the finishing details on my items. And of course couldn’t find my camera anywhere in the mess that is my house. So I’ll give you a sneak preview of my items via camera phone, and will hopefully be able to take some good pictures in the morning when I drop a few more items off.

The 11 signs made from cupboard doors included: 1 dry erase board calendar, 1 dry erase memo board, 2 long/big signs saying “Blessed” (One with distressed green letters with a black sign, the other a green sign with brown glazing and brown distressed letters)
2011-03-07 11.10.18
1 “Family” sign (which I’m not super fond of, but if someone wants to buy it, I won’t stop them!)
2011-03-07 11.10.57
2 green glazed and distressed signs with a bird and leaf on them (makes me laugh and thing, “Put a bird on it!”), 1 large black sign with white distressed letters that says “Welcome to all who enter”
2011-03-07 11.12.26
3 key racks with 5 hooks and old looking keys on them
2011-03-07 11.13.20
I also made 5 pillows—you can only see 4 here. The 5th has 3 flowers on it.
2011-03-07 11.12.38
In addition to all of that, I took 7 small clips/pins, 4 large flower clips, 6 headbands and 1 HUGE flower pin. Lucy made 33 small melted flower clips, 2 large ribbon clips, 5 large ribbon barrettes, 2 large fabric covered notebooks, 6 small fabric covered notebooks and 4 tissue covers.

And I’m going to make a few scarves tonight because the trunk still looked a little empty. Whew! I’m tired. Are you tired after reading all of that?


  1. Looking great! I LOVE the Blessed sign!!!!

  2. oh,my have you been busy!!! Yes, I'm quite tired now! :) Your projects are all very nice! I like the one with the antique looking keys on it.

  3. Wow!!! After all that, I would say you definately need a rest! Such beautiful projects! :) I like the pillows, they look so comfy, especially sitting in that huge chair!

  4. Everything looks great! I bet you are tired!! I found your blog last week and really like it, I'm your newest follower ;)

  5. can't wait to see it all on Saturday! Although hopefully it will all be sold by the time I get there!

  6. Fun!! When is this craft bazaar? And where? :)


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