Thursday, March 10, 2011

A new shirt accessorized

I started this shirt back in November after making my red pleated/ruffled shirt. But I messed up the sleeves and ran out of fabric, so it hung, unfinished, in my guest/craft room closet until after Christmas when I bought some more fabric to make the sleeves. But I wasn’t sure how to finish it off or embellish it, so it kept hanging and the fabric sat. Until today, when I wanted to make a ruffled scarf and needed a shirt to wear it with.

2011-03-10 005

I really like how I finished off the sleeves (even though you can’t really see them well in the picture). They’re the best sleeves I’ve done yet and actually look store bought! The neckline’s a little awkward (maybe that’s why it just hung in the closet???). I sewed three 1-inch strips at a slight curve/angle on the front and added 5 little flutter flowers (same as I used on my blue shirt and the tutorial for them is found HERE at Momma Go Round).

2011-03-10 009

I like what I did to finish it, but the shirt is a little bigger on the lower half than I normally would wear. Unless I stand up nice and straight (which doesn’t happen super often) it looks a little frumpy by itself. But then I made a ruffled scarf from some bright pink knit (same style as the 7 scarves for Blackberry Junction). I felt like the scarf could draw your eye away from the excess material. Plus I love the way bright pink and black look together.

2011-03-10 010

I also tried the shirt with the gathered belt I made a while back. I like the way tucking the corners under softens it a bit. And the belt was the perfect way to slim up the shirt and add a pop of color. I also love the way black and red look together.

2011-03-10 015

And, since we’re talking about clothes, I bought a pair of skinny jeans today! I’ve been wanting a pair for a little while now (since I discovered skinny just means tighter around your lower leg, not tighter around your rear) to wear with my taller boots and also to help balance out longer or looser tops. Maybe one of these days I’ll buy a full length mirror…

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  1. Cute, super cute. A great embelleishment for your natural beauty :)

  2. I love the shirt and the scarf. I keep avoiding sewing with knits, however I would love a shirt like that. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I really like this one. It looks very comfortable and has my favorite feature... versatility. I love anything that looks great whether it's dressed up or dressed down. You can add accessories to instantly change the look and the mood.


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