Friday, March 25, 2011

Scarf-ing It Up

I thought I’d have a fun craft/guest room project to show you. That is, I thought it would be completely successful on the first try. And the second try. The part I made worked, but I had some other technical difficulties along the way. After the room is no longer taken over by cute nephews and niece who are spending the night I might be able to get some help from Nolan. I need his engineering brain to make it work.

So for now, I thought I’d show you the scarves I made for Blackberry Junction (only one or two sold at the show).

This one is from a yellow nylon knit that my mother-in-law found a HUGE bolt of at a thrift store. It’s the perfect light weight material and color for a sunny spring scarf. I made this one by just pushing the fabric through the sewing machine to ruffle it along the way.

2011-03-20 039

I actually wore one of these the other day for a bowling event with our small group at church. It was so fun to wear!

2011-03-20 041

And a close up of the ruffling/gathers

2011-03-20 055

This one is made from the same “Olive Mist” nylon knit I made my layered strips top out of.

2011-03-20 042

I used my ruffle foot on this one, so the pleats are more uniform and closer together. I think it looks like a pretty fern branch.

2011-03-20 054

I gave one of these to a friend of mine for her birthday. This color of green looks great on her!

2011-03-20 045

This one is made from a cream colored, soft, textured knit. It would be a little warmer to wear than the nylons. It looks so soft!

2011-03-20 049

It looks more ruffley and less drapey than the others since it has more structure to the material.

2011-03-20 050

I love how easy these scarves are to make and how versatile they are when wearing. One of these days I’d love to work with elastic thread. My machine is one of the only brands that I’m finding doesn’t work with elastic unless you make some modifications to your machine (which I don’t want to do). I did recently realize I could just use my old machine for this (silly Jill, it’s just sitting there for a reason, right?). Maybe I’ll do that once I finish my Easter dress??? We’ll see.

If you’ve fallen in love with one of these scarves but don’t feel like making one for yourself, they’re listed in my Etsy shop—Ruffles ‘n Such.


  1. These are beautiful!!! Love all the colors!

  2. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

  3. Love these scarves! I made a heavier weight (flannel fleece) one for winter - I hadn't thought of making a nice lightweigt one for spring. Thanks for sharing :)

    ps - I'm your newest follower :)


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