Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Gathered Belt

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My sister-in-law’s birthday was back in November. I had planned to make her a really cute scarf. But then it didn’t quite turn out like I envisioned (actually, it was down right clown looking). I kept thinking I’d play with it and make it look good. What is it they say about the best intentions???


So pretty soon it was April and I still had yet to give her a birthday gift. I know, I’m a pretty pathetic sister-in-law. But then we went shopping for an Easter dress for her, and she found this adorable dress and cardigan at Target. The dress has an elastic waist and it looked like it needed a little extra definition to really complete the outfit. And so, her much belated birthday gift became the finishing touch on her Easter dress!


I followed the tutorial for the gathered belt from A Lemony Squeeze Home (which I followed back in January when I made THIS belt).


2011-04-19 066


Don’t you love the cute flower detailing on her dress? I wanted to do a neutral belt so it wouldn’t clash with the cardigan. I used a sweet cream and tan paisley print and cream colored bias tape.


2011-04-19 065


Don’t you just love the way the gathers look? And this belt is so quick and easy to make. I really should make more in all sorts of colors!


  1. Fun! :) Thanks for making it for me!! I can't wait to wear it!! ANd I found shoes to wear wi th it...I think! :) hehe!!


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