Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April!

Can I just tell you how happy I am that it’s April? March was a BEAST here in Oregon… more rain than our state knew what to do with (and that’s saying a lot). But April arrived beautifully. It’s funny how our definition of beautiful changes after seeing day after day of rain. There was sunshine in the midst of the clouds today and I LOVED it.

From the looks of this blog you’d think I haven’t been doing much creating lately… but oh how wrong that is! My week was spent sewing, sewing, sewing with some crafting thrown in! But sadly, I can’t show it to you yet! Does that bum you out as much as it does me?

I finished my Easter dress and I LOVE it! Monday begins Kiki’s Easter Event, but my dress won’t be posted until later in the event. You’ll have to stop by her site to check out all her great Easter posts. For now, I think it’s ok if I give you a sneak peak though…

Recognize the fabric? You all chose it! I can’t wait to show you the rest!

I also made my next entry for So You Think You’re Crafty (we have to have the next round’s entry turned in before the current round’s results are announced). Funny story… on Tuesday Nolan was asking me when the next project needed to be submitted and I was like, “Oh, sometime soon I think. I should probably check on that.” (There was so much time between the auditions and Round 1 I was feeling pretty relaxed.) Yeah, so I opened my email and realized my next project was due Thursday! I’d say I got to work pretty quickly!

2011-03-20 011
(Another Easter Preview!)

I also have been working on a custom order for my Etsy shop. Oh how ruffles and pink make me smile!

And have I told you I’m crazy? I had so much fun with the Blackberry Junction show that I’ll be selling at another show in May. So I’m having fun dreaming up all I can do for it and treasure hunting at Goodwill. I’ve found some great pieces that I’m excited to make over and share with you.

2011-03-07 11.13.20
(One of these key signs sold at Blackberry Junction, another later sold at the shop I sell things in a nearby town, and the third is up for sale now.)

And in the midst of all of this, I really want to get my house decorated for Spring. So hopefully I’ll make some time for that as well soon.

Oh! And how can I not mention this fun fact: I have some new sponsors and will be having a few giveaways this month!

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