Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

2011-04-24 024

(Remember when I showed you the Pottery Barn Inspired Easter Garland my mom made for me? She made these super cute Happy Easter eggs (also PB inspired) for me too! I love the way they look in my entry way!)


Happy Easter. I hope your day was blessed. We had a wonderful time at church this morning followed by lunch out with Nolan’s sister and her husband.


2011-04-24 001

Our coordinated family after lunch. Funny side story: For as long as I’ve known him, Nolan has had a mustache and goatee. I’ve always told him he should shave sometime just so I could see what his face really looks like. He always said it would have to be on a vacation so he could grow it back. While driving to church this morning I kept looking at him thinking something looked different. Did he just look really pale? Maybe he was tired? It was weird that he just suddenly looked so different to me. Then, 10 minutes into the drive I was like, “You shaved!!!” Turns out he did it the night before. I didn’t even notice while we looked for Jace’s missing shoe. Or while we were getting ready in the morning. Or for the first 10 minutes of the drive. Ug. And I get on him for not complimenting me enough or noticing new clothes…


Then we went home, attempted a nap for Jace (note attempted) and let him have his Easter basket.


2011-04-24 043

Fruit snacks, a Magnadoodle and a toothbrush. He loved it all!


Because Easter is my busiest work day of the year (I’m the Children’s Ministries Director at my church), I really wanted to make sure today was more than just a big work day. Last night before bed I took some time to prayer journal and refocus on this special weekend. I thought I’d share some of those thoughts with you.


This day, the day after His death and day before His resurrection, was dark. But Sunday was coming. I love to think of what these moments must have been like so many years ago. Jesus, were you excitedly awaiting your resurrection or were You still feeling the weight and intensity of all our sins—of all my sins? God, did you feel a great sense of sadness over what your world had become, or were you taking absolute joy in what was about to occur? Your power would be displayed in the midst of your greatest act of love. Thank you. Thank you for those moments of darkness: for the reality of this sin laden people. Thank you for the sacrifice. For the pain and suffering. For the light that followed. For Your power displayed. For the joy. For the LIFE. For the hope. Joy. Salvation. Eternal rejoicing. Relationship. Forgiveness. Love. Freedom. Future. Power to overcome. Compassion. Humility. Redemption. Grace.


  1. Love this! Great idea for the eggs! I knew there was something different about Nolan...didn't realize it till you said it!!! Jace looks adorable in his outfit! Happy Easter!

  2. You guys look great!!! HAHA!! Love that funny story too!! I didn't even notice either...til I read it of course! :) So fun!!! Love lil Jacers in his outfit too!

  3. I love this post - I'm also in the Cildren's ministry in my church - I love being able to tell all the children about Jesus and what He has done for us. Good luck in this week's voting. Tone

  4. You all look great and your dress turned out so beautiful!

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