Friday, April 29, 2011

My Mom’s Craft Room

Since I’m in Maryland right now, I thought I’d give you a peek at one of my favorite spaces in my parents’ house: my mom’s laundry/craft room. She didn’t know I was going to take pictures of it, so this is how it really is, no staging or prettying up happened. You’ll see how great it is.

My parents moved here five years ago when my dad took a new position in the Baltimore area. While it was sad to see them part from the house I grew up in in Corvallis, Oregon, it’s been fun to watch my mom be able to set up a new place. Their basement was unfinished when they purchased the house, and soon after they remodeled it so it now has a family/TV room, bedroom for my brother, storage room, and a large craft/laundry room for my mom.

This piece by Mary Engelbreit is the inspiration for my mom’s room. She has a lot she still wants to do to the room.

Standing at the door looking in:

The washer, dryer and utility sink are to your left while the crafting space is all on the right. The double doors lead to the storage area.

The baskets above the cabinets on the far wall are where she stores her fabric. She plans to put fabric bands around them and hanging tags labeling what’s in them. She’ll also be painting parts the woodwork on the black to match her inspiration piece.


Inside one cupboard she has shoe box tubs full of craft supplies and the other cupboard holds scrapbook paper.


The wall next to the double doors has shelves holds more craft supplies.


Inspired by bloggers who fold and display their fabric on shelves, she folded and displays her tissue papers so she knows what all colors she has at a glance.


Ribbons, string, Zylus cutter and its cartridges.


This is the wall on your right as you walk in the door.


Her paint and ribbon storage. I LOVE this thing!

She used to have a business in which she taught Toll Painting classes and sold the materials for it. Because of that, she owns a lot of craft paint! [Side note: the ENS are just left over letters from a vinyl project she did once.]

These shelves hold her Circuit cartridges.



She uses a kitchen island station for putting projects together. She’s packaging a birthday card for my brother here.


The washer and dryer and laundry storage.


In the storage room she has a very beautiful sight. These shoe box tubs are full of sorted wooden items like eggs, beads, sticks, etc. Lots of leftovers from back when she had her business!


I hope you enjoyed your little tour! I find myself inspired just by spending time in there!


  1. Wow! Now we see where you get your craftiness!!! Great organization there - thanks for sharing it with it!

    Mary @ Redo 101

  2. Love it! We are moving and I am hoping there will be a space for me to finally have a craft room! The apple didn't fall far from your moms tree! :)

  3. Love this space. I know I've read your blog before, but it's been awhile. It's not too often I run across someone who grew up in Corvallis. I lived there with my family from the early 60's until I married my hubby in '69. We both attended OSU & have good memories. We still have some family living there.


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