Monday, April 18, 2011

Partyin’ It Up Birthday Style!

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Welcome to the start of my birthday week! Birthdays have always been a big deal to me. Probably because my mom always made them so special—my birthday parties were so well done! In first grade we had a doll tea party—my friends all brought their favorite doll or stuffed animal and the party was just like Samantha’s (the American Girl Doll). We had petit fours and peppermint ice cream. One of my friends gave me my first sewing kit (still have and use the scissors that came with it). My mom made me amazingly sculpted miniature food for my Samantha doll. Obviously, it was memorable.
(So sad she’s been archived.)
Another year I had a “Little House on the Ponderosa” party (we lived on the street Ponderosa). Everyone wore old fashioned day clothes (my FAVORITE thing to do with friends, or by myself for that matter, was to play was Old Fashioned Days) and, if I remember correctly, we were each given a tin cup like Laura Ingles Wilder had.
Even in college, for my 22nd birthday, my mom threw a party for my best friend (and roommate) and I. Our birthdays are 2 days apart. We were headed to Hawaii in just a few weeks to celebrate college graduation, so the party was Hawaii themed. We were given beach bags with beach towels, all the girls wore a rhododendron “hibiscus,” and the cake was adorably decorated to look like a sandy beach.
As you can tell, I have high expectations for birthdays. So why not celebrate the last year of my 20’s in grand bloggy fashion? All week long there’ll be great giveaways here at Made it on Monday! So keep coming back for the chance to win something amazing from shops such as Poppyseed Fabrics, Adornments by Wendi, Rachael’s Handmade Soap Shop and Belle Rose Designs plus a few surprises along the way.
So keep stoppin’ by, because there will be fun new things every day (or sometimes even a few times a day!).
Thanks for celebrating with me!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jill! Tomorrow! Fun memories:) As I recall, the tin cups were small tomato sauce cans..."de-labelled" and clean, of course!


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