Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pretty Little Necklaces

birthday banner

My birthday week is off to a good start! Have you entered to win the amazing prize from Poppy Seed Fabrics yet? If not, you really really should! Her fabric is adorable. And she’s offering a discount code to my readers this week as well! Head over HERE to see what’s being given away and enter to win! Another giveaway will be posted a little later today, so keep your eyes out for it. You’re going to love it!

And in the spirit of birthdays, I thought I’d share a fun birthday related project that I did the other day.

My best friend, Natalie, and I are were born just two days apart (she’s older). We celebrated her day on Sunday with a very yummy lunch after church at the Olive Garden. I tried Chicken Scampi for the first time. Can I just tell you how amazing it is!!!

I wanted to make her something as a little gift, and remembered that she really liked my wooden bead necklace, as seen here when I tried it on with my Easter dress.

2011-03-29 077

I picket up some unfinished wooden beads at Joann’s where they were on sale. Gave the a few coats of red paint, strung them on black grosgrain ribbon, added a flower and I had a super cute necklace to give her!

2011-04-16 004

The white flower is made from satin ribbon and then I glued a black button to the middle. I love the way black, white and red look together!

2011-04-16 007

I actually painted a bunch of beads, and strung a necklace of the smaller size as well. This time I tied a knot between each bead, and then added a black, melted flower with a red button in the middle.

2011-04-16 012

I like the one with the white flower better, but was still happy with how this one turned out. In fact, I wore it on Sunday and as we were heading to our table at lunch Natalie commented that she thought my necklace was cute. It was all I could do to not tell her what was in the gift bag for her!

2011-04-16 017

Are you loving the asymmetrical look as much as I am these days?


  1. I've got a ZILLION wooden beads! Now I have an idea!!!

  2. I love asymmetry, but my husband likes everything to have symmetry. Makes decorating a little tough. Your necklaces are great and you look lovely. Happy birthday =)

  3. Happy Birthday from a fellow Aries! Love the necklace..so cute! Did your friend love it or what?


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