Monday, April 4, 2011

Tutorial: Inspiration Station Basket

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I absolutely love wire baskets. The older looking, the better. But I’m not so fond of the price. So when I saw that Round 1 of SYTYC was Dollar Store themed, I thought it would be cool if I could find some wire and make a cute basket. My inspiration came from Ballard Designs’ adorable office basket. I knew it could be great in my guest/craft room for helping keep things organized.


Sadly, the Dollar Store doesn’t carry wire. But on my second trip to the store, I happened to notice these cooling racks:

2011-03-15 008

I instantly knew that they could become the wire baskets I was hoping for. They came two to a pack, so they were only $0.50 each! I bought 8 racks total. One full rack could be the front and one full rack was the back. Then I just clipped one in half for the bottom since it would be the same width as the front and back.

2011-03-15 010

Cutting the side sections took a little more time because I had to make sure they would fit right. Basic wire cutters (or the cutter part on pliers) did the trick.

2011-03-15 011

I then just used ribbon to tie the pieces together and then went over all the “seams” with hot glue to hold it in place. Hot glue isn’t such a good glue for the longevity of these baskets, so I’d suggest using Gorilla Glue or something like it (I just didn’t have any in the house at the time.

The basket as-is at this point was functional, but needed a little more cute-factor. I glued pink grosgrain ribbon around all the edges, and the added buttons to the corners.

2011-03-17 039

The flower stem slid perfectly through the “feet” of the cooling rack. I’ll have a tutorial for it tomorrow.

The baskets are the perfect size for patterns side by side, but they would easily fall through the wide wiring. So I cut up a bamboo placemat

2011-03-15 006

And put it in the bottom of the basket. It took a little glue to help hold it in place.

2011-03-17 032

Then it was all set to hold my patterns! And since I put cute patterns in the front, they act like a piece of décor in my crafting space.

2011-03-17 020

Turns out the baskets are also the perfect size for holding file folders. I had all my dye cuts sorted and organized in hanging file folders, but in an ugly box. Now they fit and look great on the wall!

2011-03-17 025

Hung close together, they look great in my craft room!

2011-03-17 027

I was really excited about how my Dollar Store finds turned into some really great pieces of décor and function for my guest/craft room.

2011-03-17 033

Come back tomorrow for a tutorial for how to make the picture holder flowers!
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  1. This is fantastic! I will certainly try this! And I love the flower tutorial, too!

  2. I just stumbled on your blog about 30 minutes ago (I clicked through another blog...but I already forgot the path I took to get here! hehe) I am in love with you stuff! Especially this one! Also, I live in Salem, OR TOO! You're the second blogger I've stumbled upon that lives here, and I just love finding you guys! It's also especially nice, because if I want to replicate something you've done, I never have trouble finding the supplies like I do sometimes for all those people out there that go to Hobby Lobby! May I ask which store you got the place mat at though? I've been looking for some, but can never seem to spot them, even though I KNOW they should be there :)


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