Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Twinkle Toes {and I need your help}

Ever since I made my first pair of baby shoes for CWTS (seen here) I have wanted to make more and more. I love making these little girl shoes but don’t have a little girl to put them on. So I was thinking it would be fun to start a line of baby girl shoes for my Etsy shop. I picked up several cute fabrics at Joann’s the other day, as well as the grippy material for babies who are standing/walking around. These shoes were made on Monday:

2011-04-10 018

Aren’t they just too cute??? For this pair, I used the Reversible Mary Janes pattern from Sweet Pea Patterns on Etsy (and no, she is not compensating me in any way to tell you about this). I really liked her pattern and it made making the shoes a lot simpler than what I did with my first pair of shoes.

2011-04-10 021

I also would like to make the crib shoe style because I think they’d be easier to get on and off of a baby’s feet. And maybe even dabble in some baby boy shoes too???

2011-04-10 022

So here’s where you come in: I need to know how much you would be willing to pay for baby shoes? They will be made of varying outer materials (most likely a stretch taffeta, woven cotton, or satin type fabric) and lined with felt. This pair has a ribbon with velcro closure, but I can also do a snap closure or an elastic strap.

2011-04-10 024

There is a huge variety in pricing on Etsy, and I know some of the higher priced ones got that way because of their reputation, number of sales, etc. For someone who doesn’t have a ton of sales under her belt already, what do you think would be an acceptable price? My materials and time don’t add up to too much, so don’t worry about my profit margin.

And just to make it more fun, I’ll sweeten the deal for commenting (like I did for my Easter dress fabric, which by the way, will be posted on Friday!!!): on Monday I’ll choose one random, lucky commenter to receive an item of their choice—a pair of baby shoes (in your preferred size), a rosette bib necklace, a Sassy Headband (this kind or this kind), or a melted flower headband.

Thanks for your feedback!!! I appreciate it!


  1. I'm probably not the best one to answer that question because I tend to be pretty conservative on things like this & don't have much exposure to the cost of such things. Do they go together quickly & easily? That answer might affect my guess up or down, but I'm thinking $12.99. I hope I haven't insulted you with a too low price. I'm kind of looking at it from the perspective of a grandma on a retirement income who has 6 grands to buy for, 5 of those are girls & 2 of those are young enough for some of these. So good luck with your decision.

  2. For an everyday style I'd pay between 10 and 15 dollars for a pair of adorable shoes. But for special occasion shoes(I'm thinking something detailed that I would put on my daughter for Easter or Christmas) I'd be willing to go as high as twenty. I'm a lower middle class mama, if that helps you pinpoint your target demographic.

  3. If they are a really good pair of shoes I might be willing to pay 15 or so maybe 20 it's just so hard to be willing to pay a lot when babies grow out of their shoes so fast. But I do love baby shoes they are so cute!

  4. I'm a bit of a tightwad when it comes to baby clothes since they get outgrown so quickly, so take my opinion with that in mind... For everyday shoes I'd spend up to $12, for very detailed ones for special occasions I'd spend more. If the first pair were a hit though and didn't get kicked off and also seemed comfy and well made I'd spend more though. So you could always start low and then work your prices up as you get repeat customers.

  5. I would price them at $12-$15. They are absolutely adorable!

  6. I would say if you are starting out between have to consider shipping...another 3-4... This would be safe until you get some word of mouth sales goign!!
    Good luck..they are very cute!!

  7. I was going to say $10 but I think $12 wouldn't be too bad. At least starting out. They grow so quickly, and where I am they don't really need shoes all year long. I would not pay over $20 (including shipping).

    And I don't usually post anonymously, but I'm on my phone. This is krosti at

  8. Did my post go through? Hm. I'll try again...

    I would say between $10 and $12, though as I'm having my first girl after a slew of boys, I'd consider paying more! They are really cute shoes...

  9. I think many of the other comments are spot on. Until my children were walking, they only wore socks, if they weren't in footed onesies. And, many mothers will shop for those packs of socks that look like shoes. I know you've seen those, and baby girls are offered the mary jane style in many colors. So, I suggest, for some of the really simple designs (I'm talking basic.), that you might even go down to $7.50. Hope this helps....

  10. I would agree with the others, I would pay about $20 (including shipping) for the super cute, special shoes for pictures/Easter/Christmas/ Birthday shoes, etc. But for the cute everyday shoes I would pay up to $15 including shipping. If I liked them and they got wore a lot, I would pay a bit more. So, consider making them in a super cute, neutral style that could be wore with many outfits. I'd pay about $10 for the cute shoes that would only match an outfit or two. Too bad my girl is too old for those now!! They are ADORABLE!!

  11. Those are such cute shoes. I would probably go for $12-$14 but I haven't had much success in Etsy either. I don't know how people sell. Ask yourself how much you spent. If someone really wants them, they will pay whatever you ask for. Good luck!

  12. I'd say between $10-$15. Oh course, that's because I'm so cheap. lol I'm sure other people would pay more easily. :) It also depends on shipping costs. I'd pay higher if it includes shipping but if not I'd definitely stick with the $10-$15 range.

  13. I think $15 is about right I think your shoes are very cute. I would start lower and see what happens you could always increase if you have a lot of sales.


  14. I think those shoes are super sweet! I loved all the little slip on shoes that were available when my daughter was small....handmade would have been even better....I would easily pay up to $15 for those and a bit more for a more fancy pair! Good luck! Your headbands are super cute too you should add them to your shop!

  15. Wow, adorable!! My first pricing thought was $15, but depending on how much they cost to make you may have better luck selling them for $8-12.

    Two options would be nice, like fancy satin/lace ones could be $15 and casual ones for $10. Great job, they're adorable :)