Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Farm House Show

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I’ve been SUPER busy lately getting ready for the Farm House Show in the Salem area. (Live around here and want to go? Go HERE for details). Last week I showed you the zipper pouches I made for my booth. Nolan and I have put in many late nights in the past week and I think my glue gun has only been unplugged while I was sleeping. But everything came together (and the things that didn’t were removed from my inventory list) and Lucy and I got our booth all set up today!

My poor garage full of projects and craziness while getting everything finished up.
2011-05-17 072

I’ll show you the individual projects over the next week or so, but for now you can see how everything looks together!

2011-05-18 001

Window art, pillars and key rack.

2011-05-18 005

Baker’s rack loaded with lots of goodies.

2011-05-18 012

More headbands and hair clips than a little girl would know what to do with!

2011-05-18 019

Lucy’s Tutus. Do you like our display stand? The two Joann’s stores in Salem are combining into one bigger store, so everything has to go! Lucy picked these up for a sweet deal—they’re the faux flower stands.

2011-05-18 020

Table full of goodies!

2011-05-18 021

I made some more Pottery Barn Blue Gate knock offs, a chalk board, and the cupboard door signs I made a while back for a shop (which only my key racks were successful at selling there).

2011-05-18 027

Me and Lucy in our booth. We work together (she is my Early Childhood Director) and have become great friends. Funny thing we realized, though, we never hang out together outside of work. It was fun to just sit and talk while we put price tags on everything.

2011-05-18 030

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  1. Wow, you've been working hard! Wish I lived nearby and could shop at your booth!

    Mary @ Redo 101


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