Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A little something lovely

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A friend of mine was needing to make flowers for a wedding she was coordinating and being a bridesmaid in. The bride wanted flower clips for each of her bridesmaids. After unsuccessfully trying to schedule a time where I could teach her how to make the flowers, I finally offered to just make them myself.


The bridesmaids were all wearing black dresses of their choice with added sashes in coordinating colors. The flower clips were made to match the sashes, and then black feathers added for some extra fun and sass. I did an assortment of melted flowers and rolled rosettes and added black beads to the center. I was really happy with how they turned out, and more importantly, the bride loved them!




My friend also asked me to make a flower for the bride to wear. Since white doesn’t melt well (you end up with soot or burn marks), I did a rolled rosette with beads in the center and three purple melted petals off the side. My friend was planning on later adding white feathers. This look was inspired by a much more expensive version they had seen in a bridal shop.


Here’s the bride’s rosette and a purple rosette:




And, thanks to Facebook, I can show you how the flowers looked on everyone!


The bride was beautiful!


brenda 4




All the bridesmaids look so pretty in their dresses!


brenda 5


This was such a fun flower project for me and I’m glad they could be such a sweet addition to a very deserving bride’s special day.


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