Monday, May 9, 2011

Lovin’ Some New Clothes!

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I had fun going clothes shopping with my birthday money a few weeks ago. I decided I wasn’t allowed to say, “I could make that” and pass up something cute. Thanks to a nice 20% coupon at my favorite store, I was able to walk away with 3 really cute tops and a 3/4 sleeves jacket from my favorite store—Maurices. Then I was able to spend the last of my money on an adorable purse that was originally $98 and I got it for $37.50!


One of my new tops with a cardigan I got at Target. I love how just a little layering makes you look so much more put together! The night before wearing this I made a bunch of flower clips for a friend’s bridesmaids to wear in her wedding. I loved them so much and thought why not make one for myself while I was at it?


A white, rolled rosette with 3 pearl beads in the middle glued on a black circle of fabric and then attached to a black headband was the perfect accessory to my new, cute top! Freshly cut hair seems to make me want to wear headbands!

Check out the super fun party I’ll be linking up with—Real Momma, Real Style!


  1. Girl! You are SO adorable! I love your new clothes! And ohmygooooodness that's a cute headband :) Yay!

  2. maybe the family tree matching game??? I know you can't answer - but we'll see on Saturday if I was right :) I'm competing against some very talented ladies! Tone

  3. I just turned 30 and had my fifth baby. I am now in the what am I going to wear and is that really my style phase.

  4. CUTE CUTE CUTE! I was doing the real momma real style, but then we moved and haven't gotten around to it yet. But lovely.


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