Friday, May 13, 2011

My Mom’s Guest Room & Faux Headboard

I showed you my mom’s craft room while I was visiting her in Annapolis, MD. I loved visiting her home. My house now feels bare and blank after spending so much time in her hospitable atmosphere. One of my favorite spots in my parents’ house is their guest room.
2011-05-01 064 
I love the china hutch with antique china on it.
(And the TV’s not so bad to have too!)
2011-05-01 054
In one corner is a bookshelf full of books, trinkets and treasures they’ve collected over the years.
(Excuse our stuff behind and on the chair.)
2011-05-01 058
I used this antique dresser for several years growing up. She had a small bouquet of fresh flowers and a little Easter gift (which I, of course, forgot) waiting for us on the dresser. The shelf with a hanging straw hat and items my mom has painted is sweet.
2011-05-01 068
The bed is the most creative element in the room. I like the simplicity of the dark blue coverlet, denim colored pillow cases and khaki shams. They contrast beautifully with her faux treatment headboard.
2011-05-01 065
The previous owners had a mantle attached to the wall as a headboard. It was for either a twin or full size bed though. My mom took it down and then painted a faux brass headboard on the wall complete with shading. Then she put up a brass curtain rod and hung a striped pillow from it. I love how she used the grommets.
2011-05-01 050
This headboard makes a great statement without having to take up space. Not to mention it’s comfortable to sit back against!
2011-05-01 052
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  1. What a lovely and inviting guest room. So clever on the headboard, like in WOW, that looks great!

  2. wow this is such a great idea!! you can barely tell it's painted!! and i love how it still has the 3-d effect!

  3. don't forget, it's titled the "2nd Lieutenant's Room" !!

  4. This look super - great idea!!

  5. I love this idea and may have to try it in my daughter's room. Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. This is such a good idea! Your mom is very crafty. Love the cozy space.



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