Monday, May 16, 2011

Once again, it’s time to vote!

Is it weird that every time I think about typing out that it’s time to vote, “Votes for women!” from Mary Poppins runs through my mind? I haven’t seen that movie in forever, and it’s probably the least popular scene in the movie, but “Our daughter’s daughters will adore us as we sing in grateful chorus…” dances its way through my brain.

All that to say, it’s hardware store week over at SYTYC! This round was a tough one in the are of inspiration for me. Nolan, Jace and I headed over to Home Depot on Monday, started wandering and thought of a really great idea. I mean really great idea. But then figuring out all the details, amounts, and numbers proved to be a bit too conflict causing difficult for us. So then it was onto Plan B. Which was much easier. And we were much happier. And I love the way it turned out (as I have every project in this competition).

So head on over HERE and vote! It’s a fun round—all of our projects are totally different from each other!


  1. Guess I was wrong about last week - when I looked closer, I recognized Kate's picture in the mama one... My brother loved your project- it's an honor to be in this competition with you - you are so talented. Tone

  2. Ooooh, this one was a toughie! I loved all three of the projects! I have a guess which one was yours, and if I'm right, it was my favorite and it got my vote :-) (And if I'm wrong . . . well, how awkward) Good luck! All of your projects have been AMAZING so far!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda


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