Sunday, May 22, 2011

Somethin’ Cute for Your Sunday

My friend, Amy, and I worked together for two years. But then, her lifelong dream of becoming a wife came true for her at the age of 36. Ken swept her off her feet and then off to Paris where they spent the next two years with him on a temporary assignment for work there. Amy’s other dream has always been to be a mommy. This dream came true in February when a birth mother chose Ken and Amy to be the forever parents of her precious baby. I finally get to meet little Katie at church today since they’ll be in town visiting (from Seattle). And someone so special needed a very precious gift.

2011-05-21 014

I made her a little pair of shoes from a brown micro-suede. But this isn’t just one pair of shoes—it’s two in one! I put snaps on the shoes, and then made two sets of flowers with snaps on the back, so Amy can change the flowers out depending on Katie’s outfit of the day.

2011-05-21 001

One set of flowers is a melted flower with beads in the middle.

2011-05-21 007

2011-05-21 009

The other is a salmon grosgrain ribbon flower with a jewel in the center.

2011-05-21 010

It makes me smile to look at these. Now I just hope they fit Katie! I’m always nervous about the pattern being intended for a different type of fabric, or just not being the size it says it is. We’ll see though!

Also, I told you back HERE about how I wanted to create a line of baby shoes to sell on Etsy. I’m going to go ahead with it! I thought it would be better to open a separate shop for baby/kid things so Ruffles ‘n Such can keep a clear focus of ruffled, fluttered and flowered items for big girls. My new shop will be Jillybean’s Babies and will start out carrying baby girl accessories and shoes—including this style. I also want to eventually make baby boy shoes as well. I’m really excited about it. I just need to get motivated and start sewing. Maybe now that I’m done with SYTYC and the Farmhouse Show I’ll have more time???

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Sunday!


  1. they are so cute - I bet mommy will be so happy to receive these for her girl - and your new line will rock! Tone

  2. OH please do make baby boy shoes I have a baby boy and I would love to have some fun shoes for him. Love those little girl shoes they are so fun!

  3. I found your blog and you have so many great ideas Im sure to try some. when I try them Ill post it on my blog let you know and give you the credit thank you for the great ideas

  4. What precious little cute, and I love the snap idea.

  5. darling! thanks for sharing :)


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