Thursday, May 26, 2011

Upcycled Wooden Crates

I found these crates at Goodwill a few months ago. Since they were the color of the day, I only paid $2 each. One probably held cheeses or jams for a gift basket from Hickory Farms while the other was for oranges at one point or another.

2011-05-13 001

I figured they’d be really cute painted and could be used as display containers for the Farm House show. I started by removing the label from the orange crate and sanding the “Hickory Farms” off the front of the other. Then stained them both with Minwax’s wood finish in Red Chestnut (the same stain I used for my Blue Gate).

2011-05-13 003
(More to come in a later post about the other pieces I stained.)

Then the small crate was painted with Behr’s Black Suede (I LOVE this color… I’m tempted to paint everything with it), and the larger crate with a creamy white. Both were sanded at the corners for an older, distressed look. They turned out beautifully!

2011-05-26 025

The black one was used to hold embellishment pins at the show…

black basket

And the white one held flower clips.

2011-05-18 022

I put price tags on both incase someone wanted to buy them. But, since they didn’t sell, I’m excited to use them in my craft room (which I’m working on getting all organized and clean. I’ll show it to you soon!). The black one is perfect for holding spools of ribbon…

2011-05-26 019

And the white one is perfect for strips of fabric I’ve cut for making flowers with.

2011-05-26 021

And now back to sorting and organizing all my supplies so I can show you my crafting space!

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  2. I love this idea. It's a beautiful way to store/showcase your ribbons and fabrics!
    I'm starting a new linky party on my blog and would love it if you'd link this there!

  3. Yep you turned yuck into yay! Great job especially for craft booth.


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