Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coming Soon

I’m so excited to tell you about two new on-going events here at Made it on Monday!
I told you in this post about how I miss the creativity spurred on by the deadline and weekly theme of a competition. I was thinking it would be fun to give myself a weekly challenge project and thought maybe you’d like to join in too? You gave me some great ideas! I have quite the list already started for these weekly challenges! Monday, July 4 I’ll announce the first challenge. Then, Monday, July 11 I’ll share my project and you can link up yours. (Which I hope some of you do… I’m going to be brave and not fear the awkwardness of no one linking up.)

I’ll also keep an updated list of the next 4 challenges in my right side bar, that way you can be thinking ahead (did you know we got all our themes ahead of time with CWTS and SYTYC? That way we could shop for supplies, think ahead, etc. I loved that fact!). Sound like fun? I’m so excited!

The other thing I’m excited about is an almost weekly series called “Tips and Tools.” Back when I posted my Rolled Hem Tutorial I figured it would be helpful to some people. But have it jump to be my most viewed post of all time less than 2 months after I wrote it? And featured on blogs internationally? And become one of my most commented on blogs? Nope, didn’t expect that. It got me thinking… how many other fun tools do I work with that other people are unaware of? Between sewing classes growing up, a super crafty mom, a resourceful mother-in-law and a deep love of all things gadgetey, I think I have quite a bit more to share with you! The reason I say almost weekly is that there’s always the possibility of running out of tips and tools, right? And, I do see this as becoming a really cool way to add in some more guest posts from people!

The rest of the weeks will still be filled with whatever projects I happen to come up with, sharing what’s inspiring me these days, and giveaways.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’re excited about what’s coming up too!

Cherry Baby Blanket

2011-06-27 011

A friend of mine is about half way through her pregnancy and asked me to custom make a blanket for her baby’s bed. She and her husband are cherry farmers, so baby’s room is cherry themed. Custom work always makes me nervous! I love the way it turned out though and think it’s super cute!

2011-06-27 012

The center of the fronts is a soft flannel with a cherry applique. The cherries themselves are made from a soft cotton weave, the stems from grosgrain ribbon, and the leaves from flannel. I’m excited that as she washes it, the edges of the cherries and leaves will fray a bit.

2011-06-27 0132011-06-27 014

The rest of the blanket is a very soft minky! Fabric tip for those of you who live in the Salem area: Craft Warehouse and Joann’s minky fabrics cost the same, but the material at Craft Warehouse is so much more plush and soft!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Blogiversary!

One year ago today I wrote my first post here on Made it on Monday. This little wreath started it all…

2010-06-28 013

I wanted to enter a project in The CSI Project’s weekly contest, but needed a blog to do it. I didn’t want people to come check out my wreath and only see one post, so I wrote up a few others about projects I had already made. I don’t think I could have imagined what a big deal this blog would become for me. It has been my creative outlet, my therapy, a source of encouragement, and a whole lot of fun! (Check out THIS PAGE to read about why I blog.)

Since then, I’ve had a lot of fun stretching my imagination and getting crafty!

I’ve made clothes…

2010-08-13 0052010-10-11 0172010-12-30 060
42011-03-10 0132011-06-26 031
(Click on the pictures to go to their post)

Done some decorating…

2010-09-09 0042010-10-04 0322011-04-06 033

Sewn for kiddos…

2010-10-28 0022011-04-21 0122011-06-09 022

And had a lot of fun along the way…

2010-09-30 010_thumb[1]2011-01-28 0472011-05-22 349

Thank you so much for making Made it on Monday such a wonderful experience for me! You’re the reason I keep crafting! I can’t wait to see what crafts and projects the next year holds!

Monday, June 27, 2011

We have a winner and a coupon code!

The winner of the necklace of your choice from Ruffles ‘n Such is…






Wow… I don’t know that I’ve seen one of the first 5 entries ever win a giveaway before!


Congratulations, Suburbs Mama, you won! And, from the looks of things on your blog, you are on quite the incredible winning streak!!!! Send me an email at nolanandjill {at} gmail {dot} com with which necklace you’d like (send me a copy of the link since some of them have such similar names) and your address!


And, for the rest of you, I’d like to offer a coupon code for Ruffles ‘n Such! Use code MIOM15 to receive 15% off your total purchase!


Also, don’t forget about the two headbands being given away by TLC Creations HERE.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Casually Cute Knit Dress

I’ve been wanting to make a casual dress out of cotton knit for a while. And I’ve really wanted to use some navy blue knit my MIL found for me a while back. And I’ve pinned a few really cute knit dresses lately…

dress 1imagedress 3
(Click on each picture to go to their site.)

With so much inspiration in mind, and an itch to sew after not doing much for a week, as well as an upcoming holiday weekend, I figured why not make a dress that could be worn any time but made to look patriotic?

2011-06-26 028

I love the way it turned out! and it was so easy to make! (That is, once I figured out what I was doing and stopped making mistakes…)

2011-06-24 0032011-06-24 004

This bolt of small-ribbed knit was the kind where the material is woven in a tube, which made it even easier! I just cut it the length I wanted the dress to be, used a shirt that I like the looser fit of as a pattern for the neckline, and cut slits down to where the bottom of the sleeve would be.

2011-06-24 005

You can see in the picture above where the slits were. Because the material was in a tube, I didn’t have to worry about side seams. Keep in mind though: because I’m a smaller size, the width of the fabric would work for me. I wanted the material to gather without being too bulky, and this was the perfect amount. I’d say the width of the material was about 1.5 of me. If you need it to be wider, just cut the size of front and back you need and sew the side seams.

2011-06-24 006
I serged the tops of the shoulders as they were the only unsewn seam thanks to the knit being a tube! Next I shirred around the neckline using elastic thread on the bobbin. I found THIS and THIS tutorial for using elastic thread and shirring to be very helpful! Since my machine is a Brother, it is one of the only brands out there that just doesn’t work with elastic thread unless you change settings inside your machine (which I don’t want to do for fear of not being able to set them back). I’ve tried and tried different techniques suggested online, but it just never worked for me. So I had to use my old machine, which took a long time to figure out the right settings. Even then, I think I could still use a lot more tweaking, but I’m still happy with how the dress turned out!

2011-06-26 016

I did four rows for the shirring around the neckline, and then just one row around the arm holes to finish them off.

2011-06-26 026

At this point, the main part of the dress is done. It looks like a sack, but it’s done. Originally I did a few rows of shirring around the waistline thinking I could either choose to wear a belt over it or leave it as is. But I really didn’t like the way it looked, or being limited to where the waist line was, so I picked those stitches out.

2011-06-26 022

To make the belt I just used a piece of wide elastic that I bought at Joann’s and sewed the two ends together.

2011-06-26 023

Then took a few strips of knit in red and blue and lettuce ruffled the edges (go HERE for a tutorial), did a gather stitch on the opposite edge and rolled them into flowers. Glued them to some felt, and then an alligator clip on the back and I had a great belt!

And the look was finished!

2011-06-26 012

And the best part? This dress could be worn three ways depending on your mood or body type! Just adjust the belt for the look you want.

2011-06-26 0312011-06-26 0502011-06-26 052
Mid-rise empire waist, at the hips or high empire.

I’m looking forward to wearing it to church next Sunday!

(Oh, and did you notice the random dark spot on my left hand? It’s a super cool tattoo of our VBS logo… turns out we ordered really high quality temporary tattoos that are soooo hard to wash off!)

Thanks for stopping by, and take a moment to visit the great link up parties I’ll be joining in on!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting Ready for the Fourth!

I’m back in blog land! Vacation Bible School was so good this year and, amazingly, I don’t feel as physically worn out as I normally do. I think it’s because I’ve been doing the mother-of-a-17-month-old work out daily. Thank you so much to my guest bloggers who held down the fort here while I was busy jumping, dancing, teaching, laughing, and being blessed! If you missed any of their posts, you can see them here.

Now that VBS is out of the way and the weather is finally warming up around here, I figured we should actually get ready for the Fourth of July!

2010-06-28 013

My star wreath is hanging on the front door. 
(This was especially fun as it was the project that motivated me to start this blog a year ago!)

2011-06-10 003

I made Jace some patriotic plaid shorts.

2010-06-30 005
(Had to share a flashback of the romper I made him last year for the fourth. Oh, he’s grown so much!)

And I felt like doing some sewing today, so I made myself a comfy, knit, can-be-patriotic dress!

2011-06-25 0022011-06-25 017

I’ll share more about it tomorrow when I can actually get some pictures in the daylight!

What are you doing to get ready for the fourth?

Guest Post: My Handcrafted Home

Hi 'Made it on Monday' fans! I'm Rhiannon and I blog over at 'My Handcrafted Home' where I make things for my home and kids, presents for people and occasionally myself. Through the blogging world I have learnt to sew and been given the confidence to try new things like painting furniture and sewing make up bags.

I'm going to show you today how to easily and cheaply turn a couple of plain tops into pretty tees a little girl can be proud of!


(Really she does like the blue one!)

The Scattered Button Tee

Start off with a plain (and very cheap) tee shirt. (As you can see I'm not so good at ironing, but then you'd hate me if I was good at everything, right?)

Get about twenty buttons and play around with placing them until you're happy with how they look. I went for the kind of these-buttons-fell-off-my-head-and-down-my-top look.

Double over your thread and start sewing on buttons how you placed them. I just settled in front of the tv and had them all done in time for the end of a half hour programme. 

To secure the thread after each button loop the thread through itself and pull. I did his twice because I wanted to make sure I wouldn't have to keep sewing buttons back on but once is probably fine.

Then put it on your cutie.


The Rosette Tee

Again start with a plain top, and then a couple of rosette flowers (Tutorial here if you need one).

(Just place them where you'd like them.)

And step two (also the last one!). Hot glue on the flowers where you'd like them and you're done!

(Pop something between the t-shirt layers to avoid gluing them together.) 

Just make sure to add a little extra hot glue if they flop down anywhere.

And bribe your daughter a second time to pose for photos.

Thanks for having me! I'd love you to come visit my blog to see more of my kids and simple, easy to do projects.