Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coming Soon

I’m so excited to tell you about two new on-going events here at Made it on Monday!
I told you in this post about how I miss the creativity spurred on by the deadline and weekly theme of a competition. I was thinking it would be fun to give myself a weekly challenge project and thought maybe you’d like to join in too? You gave me some great ideas! I have quite the list already started for these weekly challenges! Monday, July 4 I’ll announce the first challenge. Then, Monday, July 11 I’ll share my project and you can link up yours. (Which I hope some of you do… I’m going to be brave and not fear the awkwardness of no one linking up.)

I’ll also keep an updated list of the next 4 challenges in my right side bar, that way you can be thinking ahead (did you know we got all our themes ahead of time with CWTS and SYTYC? That way we could shop for supplies, think ahead, etc. I loved that fact!). Sound like fun? I’m so excited!

The other thing I’m excited about is an almost weekly series called “Tips and Tools.” Back when I posted my Rolled Hem Tutorial I figured it would be helpful to some people. But have it jump to be my most viewed post of all time less than 2 months after I wrote it? And featured on blogs internationally? And become one of my most commented on blogs? Nope, didn’t expect that. It got me thinking… how many other fun tools do I work with that other people are unaware of? Between sewing classes growing up, a super crafty mom, a resourceful mother-in-law and a deep love of all things gadgetey, I think I have quite a bit more to share with you! The reason I say almost weekly is that there’s always the possibility of running out of tips and tools, right? And, I do see this as becoming a really cool way to add in some more guest posts from people!

The rest of the weeks will still be filled with whatever projects I happen to come up with, sharing what’s inspiring me these days, and giveaways.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’re excited about what’s coming up too!


  1. loooove these new additions to your blog - will be paying close attention - might not link up on the first once because of one month... but I will def. try. Thank you so much for the links to the Sunday school websites - they are great. Tone

  2. Sounds like fun! I've never done any online challenges... but you're inspiring me to!


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