Thursday, June 16, 2011

Decorative Pillars

Did you like the white pillars on my mantel?

2011-06-13 012

My sister-in-law made them for me for my birthday. There’s a third one, but I couldn’t get it to look right with the size of my mantel.

2011-06-13 0242011-06-13 019

She’s made so many sets of them. The set on her mantel were painted red first and then black, so when she distressed them the red showed through. They’re beautiful. These pillars have been so popular with my SIL and her friends, I thought I should make some for the Farm House show back in may. I made a black set and a dark stained set. They didn’t sell, but I didn’t mind since they made great display pieces in my booth. Plus, I could happily incorporate them into my own home.

2011-05-18 006

Black ones for the booth. The bases are made from cedar fence caps, then I had a nice Home Depot worker cut down a fence post, and topped them off with a board cut down to squares. Painted or stained, then glued together.

2011-05-18 024

The wood looks so pretty stained.

2011-05-18 025

They made the perfect display stands for Lucy’s coasters.

I used them at the small town festival Natalie and I did a few weeks ago. These things have come in handy!

2011-06-03 003

2011-06-03 004

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  1. Those pillars are so cool~! Jealousss!

  2. Your pillars are great! I totally need to make some for myself! Thanks for sharing!


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